Monday, June 4, 2012

Good-bye Nachi, Such a Good Girl!

She was a December puppy and was she ever a wonderful gift to my family. I remember dad bringing her home with tiny casts on each leg. Her owner paid for her surgery and then gave her to a loving family so that she could have a good life. She was born with severe arthritis and with a beautiful face - her eyes would melt anyone's heart. Due to her beautiful qualities she was meant to be a breeder for show dogs, but because of her arthritis she was never to be a mother. Her gentle nature would've made her a good one and that makes me sad, but had it not been for her arthritis my family would never have known this amazing dog.
Our Niece Alexi using her as a chair,
she didn't seem to care.

She was amazing on so many levels. She expected everyone she saw to say hello by walking right up to them and sticking her nose in their hand. She was ever so patient with little ones. She wagged her tail as you read her a book. Even if you didn't want it she'd ALWAYS greet you with a lick. Whenever you told her what a good girl she was she'd wag her tail, her whole butt shaking along with it, further emphasizing her excitement. She LOVED to swim. Her funniest trick was diving after rocks (as you can see in the posted video).

Chasing the sled.
We'd go sledding with Nachi chasing us and playfully nipping at our coats, making us giggle uncontrollably. She LOVED to hike and explore, her nose led her on many adventures.
Hiking and LOVING it.
More than any of this she loved us and she loved food. She would get so excited when we asked her, "Nachi, are you hungry?" That is more than evident in the video. We tried so many times to get her to bark when we asked her to "say please" but watch how well that went, she'd get too excited, especially when it had anything to do with food, her favorite... she's so funny.

So yesterday when she wouldn't eat her meal, or even a piece of ham we tried to give her, we knew something was wrong.

We had to put her down this morning and although my heart broke saying good-bye to her I know we gave her a home where she was loved. For nearly 12 years we have been blessed by her unconditional love. Kyle and I took her in for the last few years of her life, trying to make them as comfortable and memorable as possible. She has been an amazing friend. She will be missed.

I think little Marley Man will miss her the most. We not only took Nachi in to give her a few last good years, but also because Marley needed company. He wasn't eating. Once she entered his life, he ATE! This was a small miracle where we give Nachi credit, whatever it was about her loving and gentle nature affected EVERYONE who knew her. Including Marley.

Good-bye Nachi, you have been a dear friend, such a good girl. Rest in Peace. 

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