Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm such a sucker...

... for anything pink, with ruffles, or anything that says "Daddy's Girl." Especially if it's in the clearance section. I couldn't resist the onsies and pants for $6, or the shoes and socks for $4.

Considering how fast she'll grow, and because I haven't even had a baby shower yet, I don't even look anywhere but the clearance section, I can't help it. Clearance racks call to me. I'm addicted to the Target dollar section, where I found the cute little sunglasses, or any SALE signs, and I'm especially addicted to thrift stores and department stores. I've only ever bought one shirt over $10 for myself! (Not joking.) If I find it under $10, there's a serious debate going on in my noggin.

My mom, sisters and I made it a tradition to go clothes shopping at thrift stores. I was never afraid of gently used items and you'd be surprised how many times I'd find something with the tag still on it! Plus it takes away the "Did I really just spend that much on a dress?" feeling. You can walk away with the wow, I can't wait to show off my deals, feeling: "I just spent ___ on 3 dresses! Amazing!"

So here I am, showing off my purchases. One because their so darn cute and two I'm sure you'll see loads of pictures of her dressed in these little items. And I feel like I walked away with a deal. You can't go wrong with a pack of onsies and pants for $6.

I can't wait to dress her up in them!

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  1. Girls clothes are soooo fun to shop for! Check out Old Navy online. They usually have really good deals. This is a good example of why we didn't find out what we were having! hahaha