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Thursday WAS 2nd & 3rd John Day!

I apologize for the tardiness of this post. Yesterday Kyle and I had a doctor's appointment where I "endured" the glucose testing. Someone told me the stuff was nasty. Well, they didn't have the orange. I mean it wasn't yummy, but it tasted like orange soda, so it wasn't bad. They said no news is good news, I haven't received any news and they said the testing would take place yesterday afternoon, so good news right? (Yay!) The hardest part of the test was skipping breakfast. I thought I'd be more nauseated than I actually became, so I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. Besides Kyle took me out afterwards. :) Anyway, we also shopped (and bought) our carpet, shelving for the storage room, and paint for the basement. It was a long day, where I didn't have time to post on my blog. I did read 2 and 3 John and can officially cross it off my list! Here are my notes:

2 John

Author: John, Jesus' disciple. That was kind of a no brainer because the writing style sounds the same as 1 John and with 1, 2, & 3 John all being in order... well... I didn't think it was rocket science. John addresses himself as an elder, and we just read in Titus the role an elder plays in a church, so he's obviously a respected leader and teacher.

Audience: This one was a little tricky because he addresses it to "the elect lady and her children" but I don't think he was addressing it to one lady because it's in second-person, but it's plural. (vs 8) "Watch yourselves..." I read in Kyle's study Bible the suggestion that lady could mean "church" because the word church in greek is feminine in nature. There are other notes on e-Sword, however, that do suggest it was a specific lady named Kyria. Both arguements are pretty convincing... so I'm not sure on this one exactly.

Purpose: Two key words come to play here: truth and love. Love one another and walk in the truth so as to not be deceived. Vs 5 is important as well as vs 9, but the whole reason he's writing them is to commend her/them for walking in the truth and to ask her/them to love one another.

Observations & Applications:
  • John uses the phrase, "walking in the truth" often. To me it simply means living your life according to God's word. If you do this, you do not have to worry about deceivers (vs 7-8). If someone tries to teach you, yet denies Christ, do not listen. John is very clear about why following the teaching is important in vs 9, "Everyone who goes on ahead and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God." John is basically telling them that if you are a true believer you will obey God's word and LEARN it.
  • In 1 John, John was very adament about the commadent to "love one another" and that is a reoccuring theme in 2 John as well (vs 5).
3 John

Author: Again, same stylistic points, addressed the same as 2 John. I also noticed in 1 John he used "Beloved," to address his audience often, he does the same here... so I do believe it's John, Jesus' disciple who also wrote this book.

Audience: Gaius. According to the notes in e-Sword, he spent a lot of time with Paul. He traveled with Paul, was baptized by Paul, and he hosted Paul during his travels. I read him described as a Macedonian, Corinthian, and a man of Derbe. (Acts 19:29, 20:4, Romans 16:23, 1 Cor. 1:14) Either way, they all believe that this man who "ran with" Paul was the same man John wrote in 3 John. We also know that he was having troubles with a man named Diotrephes.

Purpose: This whole letter sounds like a letter in support of Gaius, like John is telling him to hang in there. Gaius has obviously been struggling with Diotrephes, but Diotrephes does not "walk in the truth" as does Gais. So John is supporting Gaius and is against Diotrephes. I wonder about vs 8 because John is saying to support people that "walk in the truth" but this is a tricky one to pick out specifically.

Observations & Applications:
  • It sounds like Gaius is an excellent host and that this is a well known fact among the traveling Christian community. (vs 5 - 6) He does it in "... a manner worthy of God." Supporting them, as John states in vs 8 is important because they are "... fellow workers for the truth."
  • It's obvious that Diotrephes is a selfish individual (vs 9) because John describes him as someone "... who likes to put himself first..." which is opposite of what a Christian is taught. We are taught to be Christ-like, which means becoming a servant, putting others needs ahead of our own.
  • It also sounds like Diotrephes is stopping those Christians whom Gaius hosts from sharing the truth and he does not welcome them (vs 10).
  • I don't really know why the blurb about Demetrius was added on, perhaps as another witness against Diotrephes?
I will later post on Jude, because TODAY is Jude day! :) In the mean time check out my notes on the other books of the Bible from earlier in the week. I'm making progress in my "Read the Bible in a Year Plan!" Thanks for helping me hold myself to it.

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