Friday, January 25, 2013

Decorating for Valentines Day

Now that I'm home full time I'm "finding time" to decorate for each holiday. Decorating is one of my favorite hobby's, so when the decision was made to stay home this was one activity I couldn't wait to start! I was finding that I was low on Valentine Decorations so I dug through my arts and crafts pile and came up with a few decorations I really like.

Finding time is interesting these days. Brielle takes a wonderful morning nap. But after noon and evening naps are usually short, which makes her irratable and begging for attention from mommy. It makes it difficult to make dinner and clean the house. So cleaning the house has taken a nose dive. On those days, when her morning and afternoon naps are where they should be, I'm able to complete my chores, do a few projects like these, AND have a smiling baby when she wakes up!

My first project was a "wreath" for my front door. I call it: "Shot through the Heart" (Kyle called me a dork.)

The next project I was really excited about because it contains dried flowers from Kyle and also from friends who gave me flowers after my second surgery. I felt absolutely blessed by the tremendous amount of gifts people poured into our home. Flowers, food, cards... and I didn't want to forget the love I felt after this experience. So I decided to create something that would allow me to continually reflect on the people God has so wonderfully put in our lives. The picture doesn't do it justice. Perhaps I like it so much because of the meaning behind it, but I wish the final picture could show you what it means to me.

I found an empty box....
... and leftover material to cover it with... creating a shadow box of sorts.
Next I glued ribbon all the way around it, to tie a ribbon to hang it up...
I used quilt batting (I think that's what it's called...) and cut out a heart and hot glued the big red roses around it to hide the edges.
I filled the heart in with the smaller pink and white roses as well as the baby breath. On the back I glued all the cards I had received, making it that much more meaningful. Again, I love the finished product, but this picture does not do it justice.

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