Friday, March 1, 2013

Thank You, Nurses!

Somehow my sister and I got on the topic of nurses. I'm not sure why our conversations go the way they do, randomly jumping from one topic to the next, but that's how it goes with girls. Our brains are in a million places at once.

Back to the topic of nurses (ha, see what I mean?)...

There are few jobs out there that require selfless people: teachers, mommies, counselors, nurses... and my sister and I were blessed to have an incredible nursing staff during the birth of our children. Thanks to these women we made it through some tough times.

We began to discuss how much we admire nurses for all that they do and I was inspired to write a blog thanking all the nurses out there for the selfless service you give the sick day in and day out. I really don't think you hear how amazing you truly are, hopefully I'll shed some light on how you can be a blessing in the lives of so many individuals. Nurses have the ability to make such a difference in so many lives and I was blessed to have a nursing staff that did just that. I admire you and the work that you do.

So thank you.

Thank you for...

... the amount of crap (literally) that you put up with from the doctors, or the puke, amniotic fluid, and bloody messes you get on your shoes and clothing. (Heh, heh, sorry about that...) For example, I was shocked as I witnessed a doctor's rude commentS directed specifically at the nursing staff, and they took it silently, with a smile!
... working long hours. I was in labor for 22 hours and the nurse I had with me for most of that time didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay and see me through, except they have a life. So this incredible nurse came to see me when she was off duty just to see how I was doing and to meet my baby! Wow.
... your patience. You quietly wait as your patient slllllooooowly gets out of bed, leans on you for support (for what probably seems like hours), needs help showering, or getting to the bathroom, or filling up a water bottle multiple times through the day, and you do all of this without complaining. (Well, to our faces anyway.)
... your selfless service. You ask what we need and you do it. Even if we don't know we need it, you do it.
... your support. Holding a hand, rubbing backs, offering words of encouragement mean so much to someone who is in pain. You may not think that what you're saying or doing is helping, but IT IS, more than you will ever know.
... your hard work. I know the education you received is obviously, pretty legit. You have to be one smart cookie to be where you are. I am illiterate in the areas of science and math, so I value your opinions in the medical field. Plus I know that you have to be exhausted after a long day at work and most of you probably have children of your own. Holy crapola, how do you do it?
... putting up with the sick. I'm sure that you deal with whiners, complainers, people who cry about everything, etc. etc. I doubt you see the best side of the people you work with because they have experienced better days. :) Thanks for putting up with us!
... being there, no matter what. Teachers get snow days, holiday's, summers, etc. etc. You'd trek through feet of snow to get to work because your patients depend on you. You work Christmas if that's your shift, because lives depend on you. You'd work overtime if you knew that your patient needed you to see her through. That alone is pretty darn amazing.

Nurses, do you know how easy it was to come up with a list of reasons why you are amazing? I hope that you find some encouragement from this thank you and I also hope that you understand how undervalued you are and that you deserve much, much more admiration and praise for your daily service than you probably get everyday. Unfortunately, that's probably not the case, so I'll say it for all your patients, doctors, and co-workers....

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
And God Bless!

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