Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Shout Out to Grandma's Threads and Brushes

My mom is extremely talented. She can sew, paint, decorate, and cook with the best of them. I wish I had half her creative side. We have encouraged her to start her own business, showcase these items that she has made, and profit from it! It has taken off, and I can't say I'm surprised.

We threw around a bunch of names but she finally came up with "Grandma's Threads and Brushes" and it is a hit.

Here's some of the stuff that she does so very, very well:
  • Paints lamp shades. She has done bears, bear paws, moose, elk, a barn scene, trees, &etc. 
  • Sorry the picture quality isn't all that great, but it gives you an idea.
  • Paints saw blades. Her work is incredible.
  • Paints antique ironing boards, watering cans, drift wood, &etc.

  • Sews baby leg warmers.
  • Brielle sportin' a cute onsie with matching leg warmers.

  • Sews designs on onsie's and makes plain 'ole onsies into cute little dresses.

  • Sews diaper changing pads and these AMAZING burp rags out of towels.
Rolled up diaper pad...

Unrolled and ready to use...

In use (Brielle hates getting her diaper changed).
    Burp Rags that are super effective and cute.
  • Creates cute hats.

  • Sews Minnie Mouse car seat covers.

(And this is only some of her projects!) Lately she claims that she lives in her sewing room. Once people see how talented she is with her "threads" and "brushes" she won't be able to keep up with the demand! 

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