Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Shout Out to Punchbowl

A few months ago I took up the "job" of hosting baby and bridal showers for the women in our church. The church gives me a small budget that allows me to decorate, provide edible goodies, and bless a woman who is expecting a precious baby or getting married. I love it.

One way I save $$$ is by emailing invites through Punchbowl. I've received so many compliments on these digital cards that I had to share this idea with you.

The 10 reasons I love this website and will continue to use it for my party planning:
  1. It's free! (You can also purchase a "Plus" version that gives you more options, but I am completely satisfied with the available free options.)
  2. The design options are super cute and easy to set up. There's all kinds of fonts to choose from, as well as many options for the message and envelope styling. There are many invite options just under baby shower, for example, and under each invite there are color choices, so your options are endless! Plus, they provide a step by step approach to creating an invite that is easy to read and appealing to the eye.
  3. It keeps you organized by keeping track of your RSVP's, gives you a countdown to your party, sends email reminders (to you and your guests), and that's only some of the available features....
  4. You can follow them on Pinterest where their party ideas are fun, unique, and start your creative juices flowing.
  5. The party products they sell are designed to match the invites you sent, plus they offer personalized favors. They are on the pricey side, but some of the items they sell are worth the purchase.
  6. They provide links and articles on food options, advice on how to throw the perfect party, traditions to keep, &etc.
  7. It's not just for showers. You can send wedding save the dates, birthday invites, cookouts, if you're hosting a party, any party... you name it, they probably have it!
  8. If you are hosting an event where the guests need to decide the date - there is a date decider option where the guests can vote on which date works best in their crazy calendar.
  9. You can share your invite on your social network, allowing you to contact your friends list on Facebook, for example. Pretty cool.
  10. You can set up your own "Party Profile" and share it with your friends. This is an awesome feature especially if you are a professional party planner looking to get your business "out there." Here's my party profile.

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