Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Celebrating Mom's Birthday

Reno blessed us with a trip to Glenwood Springs, CO. Mom had no idea where we were going or what we had planned, but she gladly went along for the ride! I hope she was pleasantly surprised.

Friday we drove to Glenwood Springs, got settled in our hotel rooms and grabbed a bite to eat. I was thrilled with the good mood Brielle was in despite being in the car seat for 5 hours.

Thankfully a good portion of our drive was beautiful.
She only threw a hissy when we got to Vail, CO (of all places). I hate going to Vail. It's so frustrating! I totally understand why we never visited there growing up. Everything is waaaaaaay over priced and you can't even find a parking spot that doesn't charge an arm and a leg. We seriously needed to find a spot to park so I could feed her and change her diaper before heading back down the road, but every parking spot was barred and outrageously priced. Not to mention that every single block has a round-about. Grrrrr... most frustrating invention ever. We will never, ever spend time there just shake our heads as we drive past it. Besides, it has the reputation of existing only for the wealthy and upper class, so Kyle and I don't belong there anyway! Haha.

We had to leave Vail before Kyle came unglued on a parking lot gate (lol), got back on the interstate (with a screaming baby), drove a few more miles, and parked in a Wal-Mart parking lot so our daughter could eat and get a clean pair of pants.

Once that was taken care of she was a happy baby again and we made it to Glenwood Springs without any more consequence.

The MOMENT we walked into the hotel Brielle was fixated on the fans. LOL.

We ate at Chili's and headed back to the hotel. We hung out in the pool and the water was FREEZING and the hot tub was SCALDING. So Brielle couldn't hang out in one and had no desire to hang out in the other (who can blame her). That night was a long one because she did not want to go to sleep and she finally did when Kyle and I placed her between us. Holy cats that girl took up most of the bed. Kyle and I were about to fall off either side and it was a KING! I have to say it was kinda impressive considering how tiny she is.

After breakfast the next morning we got up to spend the day at the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Historic Fairy Caves. There is so much to do there, however, we came one weekend too soon. The only things available were the cave tours and the alpine slides. The big opening weekend was next weekend, we were all super bummed. But we made the best out of everything else. The cave tour was awesome! The slides were a blast!

Matthew couldn't hardly wait to ride the tram up the mountain.

Kyle, Brielle, Alexi and Matt rode in one... (look at our view on the way up!)

The wagon Matt and Sam brought along was AWESOME.
Once we got up the mountain we spent some time simply admiring the view.
Brielle's silhouette in the caves. She loved it - it was cool and dark and so much to see!
Daredevil Alexi!
Family pose in the dark.
Daddy's Girl.
After the cave tour we grabbed a bite to eat and headed down to the alpine slide.
Mom and Reno excited to fly down the mountain.

Ready to go!

We had a beautiful view that flew by, we never hit the brakes.
After the slides we defeated the maze!

If you found your way to a tower, this was the view...
Kyle directed us out before Matt and Sam found the finish, so he was guiding them.

Yay! We did it!
After a day out in the sun the kids were exhausted and it was time to take a much needed nap. So we headed back to the hotel (which took forever because the tram was having technical difficulties), slept, and got ready for dinner and swimming at the sulfur pools!

The tram wheel was pretty incredible and so were the mountains behind it.
The pool was the highlight of the trip (for Brielle anyway). She LOVED it. She splashed, squirmed, kicked and thoroughly enjoyed it all. Alexi is just like her daddy used to be and swallowed all kinds of sulfur water, nearly throwing up, and continued going full force. She was all over the place, loving every minute of it all.

Sunday morning we got up and headed out to check out thrift stores. There was only one open, but mom nabbed some good stuff for herself and of course for her grand kids.

I did NOT want to leave. I could've stayed another day - shopping, swimming, hiking - there was SO much to do and we barely scratched the surface. Plus, spending time with my family is the time of my life. I really don't think it matters what we're doing or where we go as long as we're doing it and going there together.
Kyle's Nebraska shirt got him a lot of attention. There were a lot of people who were from Nebraska visiting or working at the resort who was from Nebraska. Such a small world.
P.S. I hate hindsight. If I would've thought of it I would've asked someone to take a group picture. Oh well.

If you ever decide to vacation in Colorado there are so many, many places to visit: Rocky Mountain National Park, Hot Sulphur Springs Resort and Spa, Pikes Peak, 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver, (the list is endless) and the town of Glenwood Springs is definitely high on my "gotta check it out" list. I want to go back because there was so much I wanted to see and do and we didn't have time for it all. Oh well. Next time.

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