Monday, May 6, 2013

The Good Life: 5 Things You Love About Your State

My best friend from college found a blogger (Kelsey) who has this great idea to "link up" bloggers across the state of Nebraska by publishing blogs on the same topic every week: A Day in the Good Life. It's called Nebraska Bloggers Connect. Since I visit my friends blog quite frequently and stay up to date on what's going on in her life, I was also introduced to this fantastic idea. I couldn't wait to get on board.

This weeks theme is: 5 Good Things You Love About Your State

I've lived in 5 different states: Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Nebraska, and I love something about all of them. I've lived in Nebraska the longest, so I should have more reasons to love Nebraska, right?

1. Nebraska's Diversity. It's a farmer, hunter, and rancher's paradise. You can float down Niobrara and hike to the waterfalls. On one end of the state we have rolling hills, bright green grass, and lots of trees, and the farther west you travel the flat lands take over, trees become sparse, and you understand why it was called, "The Great American Desert". Still, when you get up with the sun or watch it set, you are blessed with the most magnificent colors: reds, purples, yellows... and if it rains you can see a rainbow from beginning to end.

2. Temperature Tuesday's at Runza. When I first came to Nebraska my college friends introduced me to this fast food restaurant. I had no idea what a Runza was and why anyone would want to eat it. When I found out what it was I realized that at home we call it beerocks (or a hamburger, cabbage roll) and that it was one of my favorite meals! During the winter months Runza will price their runza's based on what the temperature was at 6 am that morning. What a deal!

3. Football Pride. I've never, ever seen a fan base like Nebraska's. Win or lose, they are loyal. Towns shut down at game time and in college I memorized the fight song because with every touch down it was blared from every speaker in every dorm room across campus. Plus, they are not kidding about the "sea of red" - everyone and their dog proudly wears red on game day.

4. Still in the Bible Belt. Most Nebraskans are Christians and live conservative lives that focus on God, family, and friends.

5. Fairbury Hot dogs and Dorothy Lynch Salad Dressing. I didn't like hot dogs until I tried Fairbury's and I fell in love with the sweet and yummy Dorothy Lynch salad dressing, both only found in the state of NE!

P.S. These are in no particular order.


  1. Love it, ALL!!!!
    So glad you linked up with us! I hope to see you back again next week!

    1. Thank you! I love this idea! I wrote mine, went back and read others, and realized that our "good things" are all very similar. Made me smile. :)