Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekly Writes

I've decided to start doing "weekly writes" where I write about the same topic... Here's my plan and why:
  1. Shout Outs to products, blogs, or business' (etc. etc.) that I really like. In a small way I hope I'm helping to get their name out there (even if it's just to my family and friends, haha)!
  2. Prayer Requests for people around the world or for people I know need prayer about something specific. I receive The Voice of the Martyrs magazine every month and the stories inspire me to be a better Christian. I mean these Christians are facing persecution on a daily basis and their faith in God only increases. I need that kind of faith and I know that prayer is powerful, so I'm going to ask my readers to hear their story and pray for them with me.
  3. Read and Reflect (R-n-R) because I'm always reading something and I think that my education at Doane College forced me to become a read and reflect kind of thinker. Every single time I read something we had to submit a reflection on it. It didn't matter if it was my education class or an english/language arts class, reflections were something I could whip up in 5 minutes or less (depending on how much time I had before class started). Now, when I read, I always want to write something down about it (thank you Doane!). If I'm going to write down my thoughts I might as well share them, right? (Haha, lucky YOU, I won't be offended if you don't read them.) P.S. my junior highers are probably giggling at this idea because everyday we had 15 minutes of reading and 5 minutes of R-n-R. They had a weekly grade that focused on thinking while you read skills that I lovingly called, R-n-R, and let-me-tell-you how much they loved it. :) They wanted it to mean rest and relaxation vs. read and reflect, hehe.
  4. AND, as  you already know, I'm doing the weekly topic on Nebraska Bloggers Connect.
I'll start with that and see if I really want to add more (or if I have time to add more).

Today I'll start with a Prayer Request... stay tuned.

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