Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Shout Out to Shutterfly

As of late, I've been working on baby proofing the house. You see, before I had Brielle I thought our house was "okay" in the proofing department. HA. Once she became mobile, and I mean a "If I want it, I'm going to get it!" mentality, I realized that I'd receive a big fat F-. As I was baby proofing our basement I found my $20 credit to any project I create on Shutterfly (woooohoooo!); a "gift" from Target for my baby registry being there. Well, it expired June 25 (ahem, today) so I buckled down and got to work. I swear I've only been at my computer for the last few days and I'm utterly sick of it.

Still, I'm so excited for the 0-6 month book I quite literally threw together and thought I'd share it with you. Once I ordered it, there was an option to share this photobook on a website or blog and I jumped on that (duh!). An extra bonus is that I get a $10 credit towards my next project! (Another big wooooohooo!)

I love shutterfly because it is easy to use, there's so many adorable options and I think it's reasonably priced. I have created a picture scrapbook for our wedding, honeymoon, and now one for Brielle. Each time I use Shutterfly it's better than before. Definitely sticking with Shutterfly for my 6 month - 1 year photobook! (I think I'll get started on that now....)

Here is the link to Brielle's 0-6 Month photobook.

If you want to view it directly from my blog click here.

Create your own photobook here.

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