Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect: My Go-To Outfit

I don't have a "Go-To" outfit necessarily. In fact, I try hard not to wear the same thing every time. (I like variety!) However, I do have "Go-To" accessories that would be the first things I grab if I were in a hurry.

Like these cheap earrings that match the style of my wedding ring (I also have a black and gray pair.):
And a scarf. It's by far my favorite accessory. I have all kinds of styles and colors and will arrange an outfit entirely around what scarf I feel like wearing. (I even have a scarf board on Pinterest!) When I'd dress up as a teacher it almost always included a scarf and I think I was asked, "Mrs. Lowery, why do you wear so many scarf's?" on a daily basis. Well, their warm. Versatile. Cute. Stylish. You can dress it up or dress it down. And then I'd ask, "Why not wear a scarf?"
The scarf that started it all, although it's old, it's a still a fav because I can wear it any time of year and it's colorful.
Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. I think it's because Spring means relief from freezing cold and Fall is relief from scorching hot. Plus the temperature during those seasons (around here in Nebraska land) is usually good scarf weather (but if you've ever lived in this area know that it could be snowing one day and a whole 90 degrees the next, yeah, I'm not kidding). With that in mind I always make sure I have a jacket. Not to mention the fact that I hate air conditioning. I quite literally freeze to death mid-summer if I put a toe indoors; especially in restaurants, grocery stores, and the movies. When I was getting my masters at Doane-Lincoln everyone knew to bring a jacket or risk frost bite, so when I pack for any trip, I always include jackets.
My jacket closet...

Since Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons I'll show you a few outfits I "captured" and pinned so that I wouldn't forget them. It's amazing how an outfit can make you feel confident and beautiful. I understand that an outfit isn't what makes a person pretty, but in our sinful human nature we tend to judge the outward appearance first. So if I have an outfit that I like on me, right or wrong, I tend to be more outgoing and confident. And that's the way I felt when I wore these...

Everyone has such unique styles that match their unique selves. I've really enjoyed reading everyone's post on this topic. I think you will too. Check out other bloggers and their "Go-To" outfit: (I think you'll be inspired with a few ideas of your own!)


  1. LOVE! And the link-up works again so feel free to go ahead and link up with us! I love the ring, I didn't even think about that being a daily wear for me! Forgetful hehe

    1. Thank you! I love my ring as well. Kyle did good.

  2. Love this!!!!! You have great style.
    You are so right about Nebraska weather. I too hate the AC in restaurants and stores in the summer!

    I also love spring and fall for the same reasons. Fall is probably my favorite because fall means boots, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts AND FOOTBALL!!!! Nothing is better them a brisk fall day, husker football, friends, food, and beer! :)

    1. Um, totally agree. We should have a Nebraska Bloggers Connect Tailgate Party. I've never been to a Husker game and that would be a good excuse to attend. Meet my "virtual" friends and enjoy the best things in life! :) Just an idea.

  3. I Love scarves too!!! You've got some good taste girl!

    Shelly- minettesmaze