Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect: Where do I blog?

I'm slightly embarrassed to show you where I blog. Haha. If you've been keeping up with my most recent blogs our house is under construction.

A Week of Projects: Day 1
A Week of Projects: Day 2

Everything else (including a new, much needed computer) has been moved to the back burner until we can start saving again. So I have this ENORMOUS, gigantic, huge monitor that literally takes up half the desk in the basement office.

PLUS, our basement office is not complete. The shelving above the desk is not installed and all the stuff that will go on the shelves are behind me in various piles.

Not to mention the fact that the desk is a disaster. Organizing it is not high on my priority list. I'll wait until it's done, otherwise I feel like I'd be wasting my time.

So I do not get a lot of inspiration from our office right now. In fact, I find it irritating. I avoid it if I can, but I do spend quite a bit of time writing in my blog, paying bills, or planning a shower (for example). There are many days that as I sit and read or watch Brielle play that I grab an old fashioned pencil and notebook paper and begin to scribble down thoughts of things I want to share here later.

My inspiration for writing always comes from here...
... my Bible.

Lately it's been from here...
... the book I'm currently reading (and loving!).
Or here...
... my thankful journal.
And here's a good place to write old fashioned style...
... our back porch.
And most especially here...
... with my Briella Bean.
And here...
... my beautiful family.
I think "where I blog" will change over the course of my life and I'm okay with that because the where isn't as important as the "what I blog" or "why I blog".

Check out other bloggers writing about where they blog!


  1. Ok seriously, I LOVED reading your post! How inspiring to see your point of view as not necessarily the "tool" that gets our blog live and connects us to blog-land but the bigger picture of why or what inspires you to blog! You, my dear lady friend, are the inspiration for a future link-up week! I've decided we need to do a "why do we blog" link-up! Thanks so much for linking up and I'm now adding this theme to my list of need-to-do's! :)

    1. I'm glad I could provide some inspiration! I love that idea - to write about why you blog! I'm always looking forward to the weekly topics. Thanks for coming up with this idea to link up nebraska bloggers!

  2. I agree with Kelsey. That is a great link up idea!

    Wonderful blog post! Thanks for linking up!