Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect: Your Vehicle

I'm sure that everyone who knows me did an eye roll or forehead slap when they saw the title for this week's Nebraska Bloggers Connect blog round-up: Your Vehicle.
If you know me, you should guess the vehicle of choice: a bug. Yes, you heard me a VW Beetle. The moment I saw the new Beetle/Bug come out in 1998 I knew it was the car for me. They're so cuuuuute! Don't you agree that it looks as though they smile at you when you greet them on the road? They just look like a friendly, compact, little bundle of fun. (Haha, one of my teacher friends used to tease me that it was the Hitler Mobile. Not so "friendly feeling" anymore, huh?)

When I was 16 I had pictures of them all over my room. To entertain me my dad took me to a Volkswagen dealership and I came home with a poster. I was thrilled. I went to college, got a job (with a steady income) and decided that on my meager teacher income I could afford to pay for a bug. I was 22 and giddy about this ginormous purchase. (I'm not sure the salesman felt the same way.) Funny story. I learned to drive on a stick when I was 13 years old, never really mastered the concept, and my first car was an automatic; so I never had to really put the skill to use. The only red bug on the lot was a stick.... Picture this: me, learning to drive a stick allllll over again, flying down a pass in the Fort Collins mountainous area, and yelling at my dad trying to get him to teach me what I should do to slow down the vehicle (besides hitting the brakes). Haha. I can still picture the ghostly appearance of the salesman as he clutched the ceiling for his dear life. I came home with it and refused to drive over 60 on the interstate.

I had the worst "luck" with that car. I hit black ice and slammed the rear end into a guard rail. I'll consider myself blessed because it was either that or fly into the Colorado River hundreds of feet below. It was involved in a hit and run at the Olive Garden's parking lot in Cheyenne. It doesn't have ground clearance and I ripped the plastic shield underneath it (to protect the engine) as I was going to work one morning (Ugh, all you Coloradoans would laugh to see how this town clears snow. They pile it up in the middle of the street making some intersections impossible to use! I've never seen anything like it, and I've suggested on many occasions that they need to take a few lessons from my mountain friends up in Grand County.) My poor bug couldn't handle the extreme conditions.

Fast forward six years: we have Brielle.

Unfortunately, bugs are not family friendly. Plus we were down to one budget and realized we'd save a lot of money just by reducing our insurance each month, tags, maintenance, etc. So we sold it.

And yes, I did cry as it left town.
When I bought it, my students named it Mr. Bug. How cute is that?

I know it's just a stupid car, and I know that in an eternal perspective bugs will burn up just like everything else, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate things on this earth or enjoy them while I'm here. I hope to own one again someday, but until then I'll trade a bug for the 4x4 Chevy truck we own any day of the week if that means I get to hang out with my Briella Bean every day. (Oh and did I mention the benefits of walking/biking everywhere? I'm down to my HIGH SCHOOL weight 9 months after having a baby! Never ever thought that would happen.)


  1. Its sad that we get attached to things. But yeah keep in mind that, yes someday you will have again!!

    Shelly- minettesmaze

  2. BUGS ARE CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    my mom loves them too!
    I understand getting attached to vehicles!!!

    AND good work on lose the baby weight!!!!