Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect: Quotable Quotes

Oh my goodness I giggled to myself when I saw this week's topic. In high school and college I considered myself a "quote guru" now I realize that I'm just an idiot who needs God's Word. That doesn't mean that I still don't appreciate them or can't relate to them, in fact, I LOVE them and would have them all over my wall if it meant I could stay off of an episode of hoarders. My brother nicknamed me Rafiki - the wise old monkey on the Lion King. I'm not sure I'm "wise" but I was honored, until my family started teasing me about having a purple butt.

I used to keep a journal of all my favorite quotes and it is quite literally falling apart. It became my "Bible" so to speak, so a few years ago I put it away and got out the only source of truth: my Bible. Now it looks like my Bible is falling apart. But you want to know what's amazing? I'm more put together now, with MUCH LESS DRAMA, than I was when I had that stupid "quote journal" that I referred to quite often. God's Word is amazing.
My journal with pages falling out of it...
My Bible falling apart...
The irony is that my journal was titled, "Joy Journal" but my life is ten times more joyful now that I have hope in the promise of Jesus Christ and can rest in His saving grace. My "Joy Journal" brought me temporary joy with zero hope. My Bible is FULL of "Quotable Quotes" from Genesis to Revelation that bring me eternal joy and everlasting hope. One of my favorite "Quotable Quotes" that gives me reason to be joyful and reason to have hope is found in Romans:
"There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus." (Romans 8:1)
THAT gives me hope and because of what Christ did on the cross I am joyful because I'm no longer condemned to spend an eternity in hell! Wooooohooooo!

I could give you thousands of favorite Bible verses as "Quotable Quotes" but I'll resist the urge. After Bible studies like last night where we studied Psalm 119 I want to share what I've learned so, so bad. My Bible looks like a mess afterwards, but I learn so much it blows my mind.
Every blank space in my Bible is filled with "Quotable Quotes" from wise men like C.S. Lewis or my pastor or Charles Spurgeon...

I'll share a few of my favorites... oh my it was hard to pick:

"There are over 40 authors in the Bible, but the theme never changes from Genesis to Revelation and it's all about the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" - Pastor Hod Boltjes

"I have a great need for Christ and I have a great Christ for my need." - Charles Spurgeon

"History is HIS STORY unfolding."

"Form my heart according to your Word." (A prayer from the puritan prayer book called "Valley of Vision")

The Bible isn't the only place where I store "Quotable Quotes"... when I find a quote I can relate to, or one that makes me laugh out loud, or one that holds Biblical truth, I keep it and enjoy it. I started pinning quotes like a mad woman when I read Suzi's "Quotable Quotes" post. I liked them ALL and nodded my head in agreement or giggled to myself over each and every one of them.

If you want to see some of my favorite quotes, visit my Rafiki Pinterest board.

If you want to see some thoughtful or hilarious quotes and other misc. stuff, visit my Love This Pinterest board.

These days my "Quotable Quotes" come from the crazy and silly things my nieces and nephews say. "Out of the mouth of babes...." come the sweetest, most adorable, hilarious quotes and I've written about them quite often: Garyisms, My Nephews are Silly, or What I Learned From My 2 Year Old Niece Alexi Today. I think my favorite quotes come from their variation of words like please turned pwease that make your heart melt. Our family says "beeeeelaxin'" because that's how Gary says he's relaxing and everyone calls me "Aunt Ducky" because little Alexi can't say Becky. I can't wait to see what my friends with little ones learning to talk post on Facebook because those quotes are the ones that make me double over. Kids have the BEST quotes and most of the time kids have more wisdom than most adults.

Other than the funny things I keep or write down occasionally, I always go back to the same place. I can't remember who said this but every day I live by it: "The ONLY source of truth in this world is God's Word." I believe that with all of my heart. Everything I hear, or say, or do, or post here must match up with what I read there. If it doesn't then I don't believe it's a "Quotable Quote" but rather something I toss aside. I'm not at all perfect with that, so thank goodness for God's grace. I have so much to learn and there are so many, many people who are WAY smarter than I am. I've enjoyed reading other "Quotable Quotes" from bloggers across the state of Nebraska. Check them out.


  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and I LOVE your bible!!!! It makes me so happy to see a tattered bible, filled with highlighted passages and personal messages!

    Thanks for linking up!!!!

    1. I love reading that I'm not the only one with a Bible that looks like that. ;)

  2. This is a wonderful post and so inspiring! I love your thoughts on the bible and all of your notes. I need to dig mine out and start reading through it - I've never actually read it but used it more as a reference. You've inspired me to look again and actually read through it. (Thank you! for the motivation.)

    1. I "dug" mine out a couple years ago and it's literally taken me that long to finish it. I've started over now and realized that as I was reading through Genesis a 2nd time how much I've forgotten. I'm SO SO glad I dug it out and ACTUALLY read through it for once. It seriously changed my life. Can't wait to see how it changes yours. I'm glad you're inspired.