Friday, July 12, 2013

Prayer Request for my Nephew

Two weeks ago my brother Matt and his wife Samantha welcomed into the world little Braylon Wayne.
Isn't this picture just amazing? My dad (aka Poppy) took it when Braylon was just hours old.
I posted a prayer request for my nephew on Facebook, but the battle isn't over yet and I know I can reach a wider audience here so I'm begging you to join me in prayer this morning for my teeny adorable nephew I haven't even met yet, but LOVE oh so much.

Here's the story: According to my conversation with Sam, Braylon wasn't eating as well as he normally did and when she picked him up from his car seat, he was on fire. After taking his temperature, she immediately called the pediatrician over her concern of it being 100.8. The doctor advised coming into the ER immediately. After drawing blood and running tests they determined he had bacteria in his blood and discovered that he had a UTI. They were concerned about the bacteria being in his spinal fluid so they had to do a spinal tap. Thankfully the results indicated no bacteria in his spinal fluid (THANK THE LORD!) However, after scanning him they found enlarged kidney's. In order to determine if they were working properly they needed to test them by running dye through him. By running these tests they risked spreading the infection through the rest of his tiny body, so they determined it was best to wait until the infection was out of his system. After running more tests they found that Braylon had been infected by ecoli. Now that they knew exactly what was harming him they could target it directly. The antibiotics were doing their job because Braylon went over a day without a fever! (Hallelujah!) The doctor is currently consulting a specialist at Denver Children's and here's where I need your prayers: They are doing a kidney test this morning. If that comes back with any thing wrong Braylon will be transported to Denver Children's to the specialist. If everything comes  back A-OK then Braylon will be put on an oral antibiotic and if he responds well to that he will be coming home!

Please pray that God heals Braylon's little body, that the test reveals healthy kidney's, and that this nightmare can be over for this family. Give the doctor's wisdom and guide them as they decide how to help him recover. Thank you Lord for this little man who has reminded my family the true meaning of love and the power of prayer.
My mom holding him at the hospital, giving mom and dad a much needed break from the hospital and the food.

Mom said, "The nurse interrupted our cuddle time!" (I'd be upset about that too little Braylon!)
Thank you for your prayers! Share this with everyone because Braylon needs to hear the story of how God was faithful in his life and answered the prayers of people around the world on this day!


  1. Praying for this sweet baby!!!

    1. Thank you Savannah for your prayers! Just so you know the prayers were answered and he responded well to the antibiotics. He is home and is on the mend! It's been a rough few weeks for this family.

    2. Oh..anytime!! God is good!!! Will keep praying for a speedy recovery!