Saturday, August 24, 2013

Date #1

For our anniversary I gave US a gift: a date a month for the entire year. (I wrote about it here.) This month the date was going to the Hiway 92 Raceway Park. I can't say that Kyle and I will be raceway fans, but the whole point of these dates are to support local businesses, see what's around us, and enjoy the time we have together. It gave us a lot to talk about afterwards!

There were 4 different types of cars with time trials to start the evening (I think I got the names right): Bumblebee's, Late Class Modified, Thundercarts, and Superstock.
Late Class Modified
Bumblebee's (We laughed because they looked and sounded like little bumblebee's out there.)
Thundercarts (Basically they were amped up go-carts. I wanted to be in one of those! It'd be so much fun! I was surprised how loud they were.)
Checkered Flag Finish.
Now, I'm not a race fanatic. This is the first time I've ever been to one and I'm not entirely convinced that I have the names right, but I learned a lot about it all and can see why racers get really into it. I'd have fun racing and asked Kyle if I could buy a Thundercart and join them. He just laughed, but I'm serious. I want one.

We ended the night with some drama. Two racers were going back and forth and the race was pretty intense. They crossed the finish line and one of the guys purposely bumped the other causing an accident. One guy was carted off in an ambulance and a fight had to be broken up. What a way to end, huh?
I don't know that Kyle and I would go back for just the two of us, unless Kyle bought me a Thundercart, but it was a lovely night with the hubby.
Our next date is to a museum in Cheyenne. We're both kinda nerdy so I see this one being a fav. Until then... . 

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