Monday, August 5, 2013

My NEW Window Treatments!

I hate plastic blinds. They collect dust, hard to clean, and half the time they're installed incorrectly. Unfortunately, I have expensive tastes and do not have the money to buy my favorite window treatments: roman shades. I've never really been a big fan of curtains that drag on the floor and I love the trim around windows that make a room look crisp. Professional interior designers may not agree with me, but I don't care.

When we moved into this house four years ago each and every window had plastic -white- blinds that were too big for the windows and installed incorrectly. I vowed it would be one of the first things I replaced. Four years later I FINALLY have window treatments that I LOVE. I kept looking for ideas on how to get the look I wanted without spending an arm and a leg. I had window treatments in my kitchen that I liked, but they broke, so it was time to replace them. When we bought the house I also bought enough material to make the cushions for my window seat, window treatments, and pillows. I just now used it all. Ultimately I only spent money on the material to cover them! (Well, sorta, the blinds came with the house, so I guess I "bought" them.)

Rather than spending extra mula (that we don't have) I got out the materials that I already own, and found an idea from this blog that I knew I could tweak, making it work for me. She breaks her project down to the penny and they turned out adorable. However, her directions require a sewing machine. I do have one, but it's in a tub, in storage, with no where to put it until all of the construction materials are out of the house. I do not have the energy nor the will to put it on our kitchen table, take it down, set it back up, take it down, etc. as I'm completing this project. So I got out my material, my blinds, scissors, my hubby's drill, and my hot glue gun and got to work.

It took my all day Saturday and today, working during Monster Bean's naptime. I loved how they turned out and had to share them with you! (The first one was a lot of trial and error, cursing, fixing, repairing, hmmmmm-ing, and thinking, but once I figured it out the other two were completed in about an hour!)

Side Note: Mommy's of children who like to "be involved" in all of your activities... if you decide to do this, do it during nap time. ;)

First, measure the height of your window. Mine was 53" from top to bottom.
Lay it out on a flat surface with enough room for you to get to work.
I figured out that I needed every 10th "blind" which meant that I'd only keep 7 total. Let me show you what I mean...

Keeping each "blind" makes it too heavy once you add material and much more difficult to work with, this is the "bare bones" of your project.
Once you have the blinds cut (which is the most time consuming part, you'll want to make sure the surface is clean and begin gluing your fabric to your blind. 

Make sure that each blind is straight and lined up, I failed miserably with that on my first one and I notice it a tad, I also notice a few "oopsie's" on the second one I completed as well. However, my 3rd one (which is the big window in the living room) turned out perfect (okay, nearly perfect).

You will have excess (depending on the length of your window) and the example blog I gave above tells you how to cut the strings and shorten it, however, I don't trust myself to not screw that one up so I simply rolled the excess to the desired length and it works perfectly.
As soon as it's "rolled" to the desired length glue the excess fabric to the bottom of your blind.

Once the fabric is glued on the blind, turn it over, fold the sides and glue them down.
Yes, notice my error on blind #2? Oh well....
Sides folded and glued.
Hang them!

I covered the top with fabric left over from my window seats.



My 3rd one with the BIG living room window complete.


I love how they turned out! I can't remember how much the fabric cost, but I used quite a few hot glue sticks, nasty old plastic blinds (that came with the house) and turned something I hated into something I'm proud to share with you! I love taking trash and turning it into treasure, without hardly spending a dime. It makes me appreciate the final result that much more.

P.S. My hubby laughed later that he was "a little scared" as he saw me cutting and yelling over the first one I did, but even he's pleased with how they turned out! Whew!


  1. Four years of long wait definitely paid off on this window treatment; it looks very chic. For a roman shade, this looks easy but elegant. I like how you used those plastic blinds for such a creative purpose. #Roxie @

  2. I guess all the effort and frustrations you invested were all worth it, as it turned out great in the end! I’m sure your house is made more comfy with this wonderful window treatment that you made. Cheers!

    Greg Arnett

    1. Thank you! It was definitely worth it. :)