Thursday, August 22, 2013

Nebraska Bloggers Connect: Search Keywords on Your Blog

When I saw this week's topic I saw a bunch of question marks pop up in my brain. I didn't get it. So I'm really, super glad that Kelsey gave directions on her blog before writing on this specific topic. I might as well share them with you.

1. Go to Stats on the left hand side of your blogger page
2. Click on Traffic Sources
3. Scroll down to find your Search Keywords
4. This is optional but choose the time period on the right hand side up top, I'm using my all time stats for this post

After following those directions I realized that I've been here before and that the things people search for fascinate me. I have to wonder the story behind each of these searches.

My all time "Search Keywords" are...
... before and after paneled basements
... track and field running a 12.99
... the state we have
... love story bridal shower
... the crown of my husband
... beckyle lowery blog

This month's top "Search Keywords" are (that are different from above)...
... bridal shower love story questions
... sermon on we are small god is big
... 2 year old alexi died (this one made me super sad)
... baby guest book

The only one I was really taken away by was the "2 year old Alexi died" keyword. Ah! All I can think about is my little niece, (I wrote about "What I Learned From My 2 Year Old Niece Alexi Today"). I need to see her and give her hugs and kisses ASAP. That's the one where I was wondering the story behind the search. So I decided to "Google" it myself and this is what I found... (Seriously. The story breaks my heart. I'm wishing I didn't do that. Stupid Keyword!)

Tot's Punishment for Spilled Bathwater: A Fatal Beating

It's the only thing that kept coming up after entering that search. Spilled bathwater? Seriously?! That poor child! I can't imagine how terrifying his last moments were for him. I know I don't have to pray this prayer, but Jesus, smother this little baby with hugs and kisses for me.

My heart aches. Time to grab my little baby and tell her how much I love her.

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  1. That's terribly sad! It's interesting how people come across searches and that one was just not fair!! Glad to see someone needed my help too! ;) I felt dumb posting it but since you used it I suppose it was good I did ;) Thanks for linking up!!

    1. I agree, that story broke my heart. Sometimes I like living in my safe, sheltered little bubble. And thanks for the directions, I did need them, lol.