Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Role as a Wife [Submission]

I've struggled knowing what that looks like and I apologized to my husband that it's taken four years to kinda grasp my role as being submissive and then thanked him for his patience. In this whole pursuit of finding a discipline plan and sharing it with you, God has been working wonders with our church in setting up a discipleship plan for the women, while at the same time working wonders in my own heart. I'll explain how they coincide....

First of all, I decided on a whim to look into First Time Obedience after a discussion with another mom on the topic. I don't believe that was wrong, so here's where I believe I screwed up on my role as a wife: I decided to order the book Heartfelt Discipline to use as a guide in setting up a discipline plan for our daughter, instead of discussing it with my husband first. THEN I proceeded to tell him that if this was the discipline plan we decided to do that he should probably read it so that we're on the same page. Sound submissive or authoritative?

Secondly, there have been many women in our church begging to begin a Bible study/discipleship process that Deb and I started more than a year ago already. So we began to dive into God's Word to determine what to study, how to begin, when to start, etc. What we found by simply studying Titus blew me away and totally changed my perspective on my role in the church, as a discipler, as a wife, and a mother.

I've realized in these last few days that I've failed in meeting my husband's needs. That should be my first priority. Second to that is Brielle. This discipline plan needs to be one I do with Kyle, instead it was a plan I was beginning to "head-up". Thankfully, when I explained this sin to one of my friends and my struggle in knowing my place in all this she explained it like this: Kyle is the principal and you are the teacher. As a teacher that helped me understand more what I am to do (Thank YOU for the illustration Deb!). Kyle picks the curriculum, I help our children understand it. I am a guide, I am an authority figure in the home, but I do not overstep Kyle's authority. I am in charge of setting up the environment and making it conclusive to a Christ centered teaching objective, I am to provide ample learning opportunities, and make it comfortable and inviting. When Kyle is not home, yes, I implement the discipline plan, but everything must run through him first.

When I thought of it that way, wow, did it make a difference in understanding my role as Kyle's wife. I have this funny feeling this is only the beginning of this journey, because I'm not entirely sure that I grasp the whole submission thing. What I've written here is merely scratching the surface and God has been working wonders in my heart these last few days via Bible study, discussion, reflection, sermons, and talking with my husband. This process of learning discipleship and discipline helped me to understand the changes that need to take place in my heart and so far it's seriously kicking my butt.

Stay tuned. I will have more to write about my role as wife.

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