Friday, March 21, 2014

#RaiseYourArms Dove VoxBox

At the beginning of this year, Influenster sent me a box with one advanced care deodorant inside. It came with perfect timing because we took a trip to the Bahamas two weeks ago and I was going to be spending a significant amount of time enjoying swimsuits and tank tops. I've been using it since receiving the package and have noticed a difference in the amount of "gunk" that is inevitably left behind after every shave.

I'd say it's comparable with my Degree deodorant I used before when protecting me from nasty odors and armpit sweat stains. The downside is that it's kinda expensive in comparison to other deodorants. Walmart sells it for $4.99 and I can nab a Degree deodorant for half that price (less if I find a coupon). 

Honestly, because of the price difference I won't buy Dove deodorant. However, it did force me to realize that your armpit skin is important in keeping moisturized. I don't know why I skipped my armpits while putting lotion on every day. I won't be skipping them anymore!

If you are interested in trying this product be sure to use this coupon!

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