Friday, May 30, 2014

40 Day Challenge - Draw Closer to God & Your Hubby (Day 33: 20 Reasons Why You Love Your Husband)

The last few days you were asked to read Song of Solomon with the directive to mimic Solomon's wife in enjoying, rejoicing in, and loving on your husband. I LOVE how my pastor's wife explained this book, "God didn't give husbands and wives the blessing of sex and throw it at us like a grenade, exploding in our face! He gave us Song of Solomon so we'd know what to do!" It's a descriptive love poem that goes into detail about oral sex, sex positions, sex, sex, sex... and it's beautiful and pure because it's in the marriage bed. Also, did you know this book was forbidden until a Jewish male turned 13? Just sayin'...

Day 33
If you're going to draw closer to God we must redirect our thoughts toward Him and His great attributes. We must transform our minds according to His Word. I believe in applying the same concept to our relationship with our spouse. In order to have renewed vigor in our marriage we must go back and transform our thoughts, actions, and heart. Step one is self-denial. The rest includes remaking that choice to love and honor your spouse daily, submitting to God's design for a woman, recognizing that if you want change - it starts with you, etc. etc.

Today you're making another list. This time write 20 reasons why you love your husband. This should force you to think of all the reasons why you love him, not the ways he makes it difficult to show love and respect. If you don't want the temptation to constantly bash on this man God gave you, transform your thoughts, change your heart. Start with writing all the reasons why he's worthy of your love and why he deserves your respect.

If you just joined us I encourage you to start with day 1, there's a reason for the order...

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