Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Social #30

1. Who do you call when you need to vent? 
Due to a recent conviction in the area of "venting" a friend and I came up with a plan to avoid calling to vent and instead talking to God first: Women are Talkers. And I Need to Work on That.

2. Where do you go when you need alone time?
Mommy's get alone time? I can't even go to the bathroom without company. But when I do get alone time, in the morning before my little girl is up and running, I spend time at my computer writing, or I write in my thankful/prayer journal, or I read the Bible, or a book... my "alone time" is typically in my living room or dining room table doing any of the above. 

3. What is your favorite alone time activity?
See #2.

4. What is something we should all stop and read right now?
A Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent
5. Who do you wish would read your blog that doesn't already? Family? Celeb?
Anyone really. I write to inspire mommy's and wives as we trek through the mundane - trying to keep Christ as our centerfold. 

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