Friday, August 22, 2014

Freeman Beauty #BAREFOOTbliss [Influenster Review] #Contest

Influenster provided these Freeman BAREFOOT products when the three Wal-Mart's I searched came up short. At first I was bummed thinking this VoxBox perk was a no-can-do. Due to my imperfect skin and my love of flip-flops, I am constantly searching for an exfoliant and moisturizer that fits my needs, as a result I was looking forward to reviewing this product. So thank you Influenster for following through and sending these to me!
What I like about this product:
  • It does indeed provide baby smooth skin immediately after usage.
  • It's gentle, yet effective.
  • It smells divine (seriously, the smell is what first caught my eye... ahem... nose).
  • The fact that the moisturizer has coconut oil as its second ingredient means that I'm sold. Coconut oil has countless benefits.
  • Most importantly this product provided a #BAREFOOTblissful moment with my almost 2 year old daughter who's favorite activity is copycat mommy!
"Help Mommy?"
Whatever provides an opportunity for fun with this cutie is bliss in my book - barefoot or not.
The pic is blurry cause this little barefoot princess was in a hurry to let her little bare feet take her on whatever adventure is next. 
What I dislike about this product:
  • I could not, for the life of me, find it. I received a coupon for a free product through Wal-Mart. My husband and I searched two different locations and I asked a friend to check a third. As a team we failed. It may be searcher error, but seriously, it should not be that difficult. Although I do like this product, how am I to use it or purchase it in the future if I can not find it? 
If you find this product, try it. I think you'll be glad you did. Your summer-tanned, BAREFOOT-tough skin will thank you.

Be sure to check out the Freeman Beauty website - you'll find it there under skin-care and the barefoot link on the left hand column. Oh, and did I mention that they offer free shipping for $25 purchases and free samples with every purchase? (Another reason I'm sold!) After checking out their website I remembered slumber parties filled with creepy colored masks and crazy pictures... thank you Freeman for fun had by all, memories made, and fresh skin - past and present!

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