Thursday, April 14, 2016

Glam VoxBox Product Review

When I received the notification I'd be getting the "Glam VoxBox" in the mail, I was a tad nervous. I assumed that in order to "glam up" it would include make-up, of which I know very, very little. After opening it, I was pleasantly surprised at its contents!

The first order of business was Not Your Mother's Clean Freak dry shampoo. I was so excited to test a product I've been wanting to try. I simply had not taken the leap (don't ask me why).

I waited to test it until my hair was on the verge of nasty (I wanted to see how good this stuff actually worked). I liked the results!

This is my "hmmmm..." face. I'm convinced. 
I've used it three or four times since receiving the product and I've had the same results. I have thin, straight hair that oils easily. I avoid showering daily because my skin dries up so easily, but my hair is a mess. This cleaned it up and lasted all day. This is a product I plan to purchase and use weekly.

Next was the Gillete Venus razor and shave cream.

I've always used the Venus razor (it's the only one I'll buy). If I don't I get razor burn. Also, I switched to baby oil as my shaving creme and LOVED it. So I compared this complimentary shaving creme to my norm and still preferred the baby oil. My skin felt more moisturized and smoother after using baby oil in comparison to the Olay creme.

The Cutex wipes were awesome! I used ONE WIPE for all 10 of my fingers and still had room left for more! I was impressed. With what remained I bagged it up and used it again. Plus, they weren't overly stinky like finger nail polish removal usually is - I'm sold.

I use Q-tips for everything. Precision with make-up. Cleaning. Wiping off fingernail polish when I get it on my skin. Cause who can't relate to this...?

What I liked most about these precision Q-tips is not just for solving problems like the above, but for cleaning the impossibly difficult places to clean in my essential oils diffuser! It was just what I needed to get in those nooks and crannies!

Finally the Shea Moisture face wash, mask and moisturizer. I was super excited about the two essential oils mentioned: frankincense and myrrh. I have been using essential oils for years, do you know how many health benefits are in frankincense alone? BUT when I used the product I didn't really smell that deep earthy smell that I love. I was disappointed. In fact there wasn't really a scent other than the shea butter. After using the face wash my face did feel clean, but I didn't really notice a difference between that and the normal face wash I usually use. Nothing special. The face mask never got so tight that I struggled moving my face. I liked that! I laughed because I was making faces at myself and my 3 year old didn't like it, she said I looked scary...

I told her this mask was going to make my face stay this way. Hahahaha, she didn't like that either.

I did like the moisturizer. I used WAY too much (less is definitely more in this case) but my face did feel so clean and soft all day long!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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