Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Top Ten [Favorite Blogger Tools]

1. Canva to create free graphics like my top ten image above. It's user friendly and has so much to offer for FREE! Plus the app is also user friendly.

2. Photobucket offers free photo storage and this super useful tool where you can copy the direct html code and embed it on my blog. Super easy!

3. Google Photos app because I can upload photos directly from my phone and then on a post just by clicking the photo button >> add images from phone.

4. Pinterest because it's a wonderful place to share posts with others, but it is also a useful tool to store free images on a board specifically used for my blog.

5. Thesaurus.com - words escape me sometimes.

6. http://thecutestblogontheblock.com shares tons of free backgrounds, graphics, tutorials, and other misc. blogging tools. She has a lot of stuff packed into her website and I refer to it often.

7. http://hotbliggityblog.com  and http://shabbyblogs.com/design/blogger-backgrounds/ are sites similar to The Cutest Blog on the Block, but specialize in free blog backgrounds. I've used/saved one or two from these places as well.

8. Google Images. Oh man, when I'm needing an image to top off a point I'm trying to make, this tool is my BFF. [If you also decide to use this tool, make sure you give credit where credit is due!]

9. A calendar. Especially one with notes in the margins. I made the mistake of putting everything on my phone notes app and lost all my ideas. If an idea randomly came to mind I'd add it to my list, but it's gone. Don't ask me how, but I was/am so disappointed. Oh well, clearly I was not meant to write about them! I like having a calendar because I can schedule items and make time to write. Lately I've been consumed with other more pressing things, but this is super helpful to keep me organized.

10. Other blogs. Seriously, people all over the world have wonderful ideas and I love reading about what they use and why they use it. I also take ideas from what they've written and make it my own. There's a big blogger world out there and if you want to be part of it, make other blogs part of your daily routine. You'll gain so much from others and their unique perspective and creativity.

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