Tuesday, July 30, 2013

"There's a Rumbly in My Tumbly" Baby Shower

Mandy (my baby sister) has a rumbly in her tumbly! No, I'm not talking hunger pains (although, pregnancy does cause the most intense hunger pains ever, haha) I'm talking -my baby sister has a baby in her tummy- kind of rumbly! I'm an excited Aunt! So excited that the moment I found out she was pregnant I began planning a baby shower in her honor - one I knew she'd love. I instantly knew that we had to go with Winnie the Pooh, however, she's an island girl now and we joke that she's a Bahama Momma so in small ways we tried to incorporate an island-y feel. Winnie the Pooh was so easy because he's so cute! Mandy has good tastes. For as long as I can remember Mandy has adored Winnie the Pooh and planning this shower was a BLAST.

Once my mom and I decided on the theme, we created a Pinterest board titled "Rumbly in Her Tumbly!" and got to work. Let me tell you how cuuuuuuute it all was....
I used Punchbowl to send virtual invites via Facebook and Email addresses, they turned out adorable. Nettie, one of the guests, printed it, cut it out all adorable like, and put it in a Christmas ornament for Mandy. Oh my goodness, was that one of the best gifts of the evening!

Before I go on, let me tell you what happened. Kyle scored tickets to the Rockies game that same evening, so I dropped him off in Denver and headed down the road. The traffic was so terrible (bumper to bumper) all the way to the tunnel that it took over an hour to drive a measly ten miles. I left Denver with plenty of time to make it to the shower and set up (I created everything to set up in ten minutes or less) but didn't show up until 7:15 (ish). I called my sister in tears thinking I wasn't going to be there until 8 (the party started at 7). It was 6:23 and I hadn't even made it to Idaho Springs. Oi.
Thankfully, Mandy made it all better telling me that the decorations were not what was important and that they would have a memorable time with or without them, as long I as I got there safely. Whew. Once I did get there all the guests had so much fun pulling what I had created out of the box and setting it up with me, ooooooo-ing and awwwwww-ing over how cute it was! Thank goodness.
With everyone's help the party was a success and everything was picture perfect! I began by reenacting this picture...
I think Mandy also has something sweet in her tumbly! (Didn't Mom create an absolutely adorable shirt for her to wear?!)

The food table was my absolute favorite. Mom came up with a "Christopher Robin Picnic" for each Winnie the Pooh character. So creative. My only contributions were the Hunny pots, wood pieces, and the 100 Acre Wood sign.

Eyeore's house is made of sticks, so mom used Kit-Kat bars!

Texas Roadhouse has this amazing "Hunny Butter" that mom found a copy-cat recipe to use with the yummy bread. Oh my... heavenly.


These "pockets" were filled with this amazing avocado, mango, cilantro concoction that blew my socks off. It was definitely my favorite part of the food. Mom said it was her way of adding a little of the tropics to the 100 Acre Woods. Hehe.

Owl's acorns made with cookies and kisses! Yummy and so stinkin' creative!
"Piglets" in a blanket.
Vege's from Rabbits garden.
Tigger Tales = Cheeto Puffs
The entire table.
We used a Hunny Pot for cards as well...
Another center piece was the Winnie the Pooh characters with balloons.

I should've known they'd end up being fun toys!
The story I read to my little niece was when Winnie the Pooh used a balloon to get to the Hunny. He "disguised" himself as a rain cloud and tried to fool the bees by saying, "Tut tut it looks like rain." Cuuuuuute story. It's kind of a tradition to read to the baby... hehe my favorite part of the shower.
I made her these to hang in her nursery (I did my best to write in "Winnie the Pooh" handwriting!) and couldn't resist displaying them...

Here are some close-ups... (Winnie the Pooh has some adorable quotes!)

Also, I made her a Winnie the Pooh baby book...
"Baby Knowles" Baby Book

Her First Picture, Name, Meaning, How Big, Birthday, Place, Doctor, etc.!

"As soon as I saw you I knew an adventure was going to happen!" (Ultrasound picture)
A note from daddy on the corresponding page.

Birth Story (5 pages)

Pages to record her firsts... tooth, walking, hair cut (and even a pocket for a lock of hair!)...
This is my favorite page!

I have a feeling this little girl is going to be a "beach bum" so her first time there needed recording! ;)

When Mandy was a baby her "trick" was lifting both arms in the air every time one of us cooed, "Sooooo big!"

Pages to record each month's memorable moments!

Footprint Day 1, Year 1

This is where we recorded her gifts and who they were from...

Back cover...
I didn't get a picture of all the ADORABLE (how many times have I used that word?! LOL) Winnie the Pooh and Island-y baby items my mom made her... bibs, diaper changing pad, burp rags, onsie's, all of it was so cute! I couldn't write in her book what mom made her, oooo and awwwww over it all, AND get pictures.

This Bahama Momma walked away with a ton of good stuff to add to her Winnie the Pooh nursery. I hope she enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed planning it with my mom. We love you Mandy and we love that little "rumbly in your tumbly" so so much already!


  1. Holy crap I thought that 1st picture of your sister looking in the mirror was you!!

  2. How did you make the Rumbly in my Tumbly sign?! It's adorable!!!