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In September of 2012 I was blessed with a very unique birth story, one that was very, very, very different than what I wanted or expected. The title of this blog post had me at hello, because the title itself reflected my feelings of frustration, anger, envy, (etc. etc.) of not experiencing the natural, med-free birth I had so wanted. Part of the reason for creating this blog was to be transparent with women in the wayS I struggle as a Christian, so that readers could grow with me as I draw closer to Christ as I strive to be a godly woman, wife, and mother. One of the things I shared with you was my near death experience after giving birth and my feelings on it a year later in hopes of reaching an audience that might be trying to decide their own birth plan or struggling with the same feelings of failure if it didn't go the way they planned.

Letting go of those feelings and truly embracing God's plan in my birth story was one incredible day! I grew leaps and bounds on that day. I drew closer to God because I finally, whole heartedly embraced HIS SOVEREIGNTY on that day. And on that day I realized that other women are feeling the exact.same.way. and I needed to use my story and other stories to encourage you.

One of the most encouraging blogs I read on this topic was this one: Dear Mom Who Thinks She Failed at Childbirth because it spoke my feelings exactly. If you're struggling with those same feelings, start there, because her advice to let yourself grieve and then let it go, was the advice I needed. It may seem strange to grieve over a lost dream, but you need to, trust me. I did what she advised: I cried, I prayed "Lord I give this to you..." wrote about it, talked about it with my husband, shared it with you, and thus the journey of sharing birth stories began.

I hope you're encouraged as you read these stories because every birth story is unique and beautiful because God is in charge of it: He knows the outcome, He knows the birth date, He knows how much you're going to draw closer to Him as a result of that day, hours, a moment in time.... It's beautiful because we are designed to create life and nurture it and that is why our birth story is so much apart of who we are as women. 

This was also the beginning of this realization that mommy's need to stick together - offering encouragement, tips and motivation. On those long, rough days it helps knowing that you're not alone. If you have a minute, read up. If not, pin away and save for later.

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