Top Ten's

Before I came up with the idea of doing a "top ten" list every Tuesday I was making lots of lists...
After creating all these lists, I began to jokingly call myself a lister. I list things to pack before going on a trip, I create a to do list every day, every week, every month, and my grocery list consists of 4 weeks worth of meal planning tuned down to $150-$200 per month. In short, lists help me! Some lists serve a different purpose, like making me giggle. Some speak truth. Some are just for fun. But they're all written because I'm a lister.
For a while my friend Melany joined me as a lister! What's funny is this: after publishing our first list (only knowing the topic) we had a few incredible similarities. I'm sure it will be that way throughout.
Today, top ten's are a topic I continue to write because it's easy and fun to share ten things about myself, and while I try things for a bit I quickly realize that I don't have time to keep up with all of those ideas (i.e. shared blog posts, book of the week, &etc.). My top tens are the only consistent weekly post thus far (even if I have missed a few Tuesday's here and there...).



* = My Personal Favorites 

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