Monday, October 26, 2015

My Top Online Shopping Spots for Cheap Children's Clothing

I'm desperately trying to get back to blogging. I have so many topics mulling around in my brain without the time to write them. When there is time to write them, my to-do list takes priority. Today, I crossed one of those things off my list and decided to take a much needed moment to write. Being a mommy and wife, with a house to clean and laundry to do, shoves my favs to the back burner (i.e. decorating, crafting, reading, writing...). I do, however, read LOTS of children's books (I can't complain, most of them are pretty amazing).

With that said, I thought I might use this time to share where I shop for my growing 3 year old's clothing for a super cheap price on this fabulous Mommy Monday. I encourage other mommy's to share their shopping spots and tricks as well.

There's one place in town called Connie's Clutter that I absolutely love. It's a store that takes after it's name; it is cluttered with used items galore. BUT the children's clothing is .50 and the shoes are $1. You simply cannot go wrong there. I do have to dig (cause there is a lot of junk), but I have found a few items worth bringing home (for myself too). I don't mind digging, haha, I joke it's like treasure hunting. There is a point for sharing this: I encourage you to check out your local junk stores, you never know the gems you'll find for super cheap. Children's clothing is one of those things that are either destroyed the first time worn or they grow out of pretty quickly, so I'm not willing to spend a fortune. Do not dismiss thrift, consignment, or cluttered junk stores. Ya just have to dig a little.

The Children's Place is #1 on my list. It has cute clothing that is perfect for little girls (nothing risqué, inappropriate, or weird graphics). PLUS they are constantly having 50% off deals or free shipping days. Not to mention their My Place Rewards, that gives points for items purchased, eventually leading to free items (can't go wrong there). In fact, they're having a 50% off - online only - sale right now using the code: TREAT50 (and free shipping). Also, if you sign up with them you get $10 towards your first order.

ThredUp is an online consignment store that also offers some good deals every now and then. I always, always, always organize my search with prices low to high. It's the best way to find a beautiful Easter dress (for example), brand new, with delicate flowers, ruffles, gorgeous embroidery, lace, etc. for a measly $5.

My last place is Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime member has its perks (the best being the 2 day free shipping). When I'm in a crunch, it's the first place I go, I can always find a good deal knowing I'll get it super quick.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spilling the Beans [August - September 2015 Edition]

After spending quite a bit of time looking for the panties Bean was told to put on, we left my sisters house without them. She later called me, laughing at finding them in the play kitchen strainer, with a lid on it. I never would've thought to look there.

Mommy: "Bean! Your birthday is coming up and you'll be 3 years old!"
Bean: "I don't want to!"
Mommy: "You don't want to be 3?"
Bean: "No! I want to be Elsa!"

After receiving nearly 6 inches (or more) of rain in less than an hour, our basement flooded, which required quite the clean up process. Once everything was dry we began carrying things downstairs. Bean kept telling her daddy, "Careful! Be careful daddy! I love you and I don't want you to get hurt! Careful! Careful!" 

On our way home from our church's picnic Bean sang the entire time this silly song that had Kyle and I giggling for a long time afterwards. I didn't start writing down the lyrics until about half way home, but what I got was pretty awesome, "Goofy I love you so much. I love you so muuuuuch. Poopy song. Everyday. And Anna and kristoff and Elsa and Anna and Sven and prince and light and flowers and moon and poopy song. The poopy song. Icky. Elsa song. I ate my arm. Luuuuuunch. I don't know what you're saying. Kristoff song. I don't know what your saying. Elsa song. Anna song. Kingdom of isolation and it looks like I'm the queen. It's funny how some distance makes everything seem warm. Fears that was go me can't get to me. Let it gooooo! It's time to see what I can do, test the wimits and break frew. And breathe! Let it goooooo! Get my friend. Let the storm rage on. The cold never bothered me anyway. Goodbye see the Elsa song! How about a mouse song. How about a sersy song. I don't know that song. How about the train song. I don't know that song. Goodbye!" 

After asking Bean to get dressed for bed by taking off her dress, she asked, "Can I leave my face on? And my mouth? And my nose?"

We got home from seeing my sister in Minnesota (after pulling an all nighter in the vehicle) and Bean immediately put on a princess dress, went outside, got naked and peed. She proudly told her daddy, "I peed outside!" (We joke that she learned it from those crazy Minnesotans.) 

I have been laughing for days at BreakWomb's YouTube video titled, "If Mom's Ate Like Their Kids" Mandy and I were hysterically laughing over it as Abi chucked a bean across the table. It was at that moment we decided we could very easily make our own video. I encourage you to watch it and then read what I'd add thanks to my Briella Bean.
I'd add...  sucking on my banana rather than taking normal bites and chewing (she also does this with sandwiches, rice krispie treats, and well, just about everything... gross), acting out movie scenes with my utensils and demanding others do the same, I'd eat (I mean suck) the middle out of my sandwiches totally getting peanut butter and jelly all over my face, I'd beg to eat - claiming I'm soooo hungry - stating that dinner looks good - and then refuse to eat.

One of our favorite activities to do together is going for a walk, both with a baby carriage, both with our babies, talking and giggling. 

Sprinklers are sprinkly's. 

She told me this story, "I petted a lion with my toes, but then the lion ate my toes, so that was not kind."

She let go of her dolly that she named Elsa, "I just dropped my icy powers!"

When she couldn't find the matching pair to her flip-flops she exclaimed, "My oder flip-flop died. Sorry." (oder = other)

She went outside to play, fully dressed. I heard her irritated cry and when I went to check on her, she had her panties in her hand. Her exclamation was, "My panties fell off!" Her shorts and shoes were still on as they should be. I still have no idea how this happened. Through my giggles I asked her what happened and she told me, "I don't know!"

She fell down and I heard this cute conversation with her doll:
Doll: Did you fall down?
Bean: Yes, I fell down.
Doll: Did you get an owie?
Bean: Yes, I got an owie.
Doll: Do you want me to kiss it?
Bean: Yes. (Doll kisses her owie.)
Doll: Are you okay.
Bean: Yeah, I okay. 
Doll: I love you!

"Cinderella, Ariel, Elsa and Anna are breast friends."

"The puppies are woofing."

Dance class started this month. She introduced herself as, "I'm Brielle, the ballerina." The first class was a success except for the tears over another ballerina licking her, "Hadley wicked my fumb!" (Hadley licked my thumb!) She also cried when it was over, she did NOT want to go home.

While on a run in the jogging stroller, we had the following conversation:
Bean: "Mommy, are you running?"
Me: "Yes, I'm running."
Bean: "You're not walking?"
Me: "Nope. I'm not walking."
Bean: "You're running?"
Me: "Yes, I'm running."
Bean: "You're not walking?"
Getting the gist yet?

She saw a boy swinging and commented, "She's swinging." 
Me: "He's a boy."
Bean: "Oh, he's swinging. He has a phone in his pocket! I have a pocket on my panties."

Instead of giddy-up or yeeee-haw she says, "Giddy-Haw!" 

Pretzel's are Rapunzel's (I think it's because I gave her pretzels while she watched Tangled one day.)

Floss is sloff.

Crying she told me, "I tooted in my panties!"
Me: "Everyone toots in their panties, why are you crying?"
Bean: "It stinks!"

She's wet the bed a couple nights in a row so I asked her, "Bean if you wake up in the middle of the night and have to go potty, what should you do?" Her reply, "Eat breakfast?"

I told her to hustle and she told me, "My tutu is going faster!"

She was absolutely terrified of one of her friends in a wolf hat. Screaming she told me, "Audrey doesn't want to wear the wolf hat!"