Monday, October 29, 2012

Month One & All Her Firsts

One month of being a mother has brought more tears, smiles, love, and laughter into my life than I ever thought possible. It's been a month full of ups and downs. Mostly ups. My little Briella Bean is the sweetest thing and I can't wait to share a few of the ups from the first month of her life, with you.

First, the story behind Briella Bean... one morning we woke up to a particularly fussy baby. I fed her, Daddy changed her diaper, I rocked her, Daddy cuddled with her, we gave her a pacifier, nothing was working. I overheard Daddy coo, "Are you grumpy gills My Little Briella Bean?" and it stuck, we've been calling her that since.

First time meeting Poppy.

Going home outfit. Kyle picked it because it reminded him of Marley, who she met that day! :)
First time in the car seat, which she obviously hated. I forgot the car seat insert that kept her head from boppin' around, I felt SO bad!
First night at home in her crib, she looked so tiny!

First (sponge) bath (at home). Didn't like that either!
Snugglin' and Snoozin' in her Boppy Pillow.
Angry Face.
Sad Face.

In a Happy Place.

She's so expressive! She loves her tummy time and she loves the mirrors next to her changing table!

First time meeting Grandma Lowery.

First time meeting Aunt Sydnie!

First time meeting Grandma McHenry!
The first time she met Marley neither of them seemed to care about the other. Now Marley displays his jealousy by wanting attention every time I hold her. He occasionally sniffs her and will hang out with her on her blanket during tummy time. I'm sure they'll be best of friends, until that day I have two babies!

That's about as close as he'll get!
She's most definitely a daddy's girl!
Other than the fact that she has these odd, occasional wake times between 10 pm and 2-4 am. Or her distracted eating habits (she thinks she must check out every noise!). She's perfect. We love her even if she's a distracted eater or a strange sleeper. Words cannot describe how much we love her. Our lives are changed forever!

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