Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"Pretty in Purple" Baby Shower

I am blessed with an iPhone. That means that I use it to play music, take pictures, surf the net, and much, much more. However, it's also a curse because I had this brilliant idea to play music during the "Make Baby E Pretty in Purple" activity, which also meant that I forgot to take pictures. I realized this fact as I climbed into bed that night, and then I couldn't sleep because it bugged me so much. So the pictures I do have are the ones I took at home. I have zero pictures to show how it all turned out. Sorry. Mostly I'm sorry to the mother-to-be because I try to take pictures and give them to her later. Dang. IT!
So I failed there, but believe me when I say, that it will probably never happen again!
"Pretty in Purple" Baby Shower
  • Everything was purple! Purple table cloths, purple streamers, purple balloons, purple tissue paper "poofs" (Yeah, that's what I called them, that's probably not their "official" name.)...
  • Scattered on each table was purple paint chips.
  • I found a silver giraffe (piggy) bank that was super cute, tied a purple ribbon around its neck and put it on display. (The mother-to-be specifically mentioned an interest in giraffe's.)
  • I cut out each letter and created paper onsies to hang as a "Pretty in Purple" clothes line banner. In fact, the mother-to-be loved the little onsies and wanted to take them home. This was the most time consuming piece that I really, really wish I took a picture of, because it turned out super cute.
  • I found this poem about the color purple and decided to frame it, cause it was so adorable!
What Is Purple?
Time is purple
Just before night
When most people
Turn on the light--
But if you don’t it’s
A beautiful sight.
Asters are purple,
There’s purple ink.
Purple’s more popular
Thank you think…
It’s sort of a great
Grandmother to pink.
There are purple shadows
And purple veils,
Some ladies purple
Their fingernails.
There’s purple jam
And purple jell
And a purple bruise
Next day will tell
Where you landed
When you fell.
The purple feeling
Is rather put-out
The purple look is a
Definite pout.
But the purple sound
Is the loveliest thing
It’s a violet opening
In the spring.
by Mary O'Neill

  • Blueberry Crumble Bars
  • Almond Bark and M&M popcorn
  • Dark Chocolate Kisses
  • Good & Plenty Licorice
  • The Guest Book was a special activity in and of itself. I didn't realize that thinking of a favorite verse would be so difficult. Still, the guests seemed to enjoy it.
I found a purple Bible, where the guests highlighted their favorite verse and signed their name next to it. This is also where the gifts were recorded as a memorandum for mommy and baby.
  • I found onsies, bibs, headbands, and little hats to decorate - making Baby E "pretty in purple". Each guest was encouraged to make one item that Baby E could wear and the the majority of the decorations provided were purple. I had purple lace, tulle, flowers, ribbon, felt, hearts, and buttons. During this time we chatted, ate, and created! 
    The sign on the table adorned with all the stuff to create headbands, onsies, bibs and hats. 
The example I made, (hoping) attempting to inspire creativity.
Due to the fact that her baby shower fell right around Easter season (and that her nursery is adorned in the color purple - which is deemed the color of royalty), it seemed appropriate to talk about our AMAZING King, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Our King was crucified, buried and rose again for His glory! Because of this, we are forgiven for our sins! What an amazing gift! I read from John 18:33-40, 19:1-11, and 19:17-22 because this is where Jesus was flogged, crucified, and where He was mocked as "King of the Jews" with a crown of thorns, a purple robe, and a sign in Aramaic, Latin and Greek that stated simply, "Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews." I could think of nothing better to discuss: the Gospel, where we are forgiven of our sins, because of our amazing, LIVING King and what He accomplished on the cross!

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