Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday's Top Ten [Weird Things You May Not Know About Me]

I really, really had to think about this. It was hard to come up with 10 things. I mean, I know I'm weird, but I think I'm guilty of over-thinking it...

1. I hate my widows peak. I grew up begging my mom to let me shave it off, I am ever so grateful for her laying down the law on that one. I hate it so much that I subconsciously try to conceal it - supposedly. My sister Mandy said that she put my hair in a ponytail the day of Eleanna's delivery to get it out of my face, and then I "fixed" it so it was concealed. I do not remember this, but she laughs about it to this day.

2. I have crooked pinkies. This isn't something I hate necessarily, until the pinkies overlap my ring fingers and then I have a real annoying problem.

3. I have played the clarinet since 5th grade, which is 20 years of clarinet playing. That includes 3 years of pep and concert band playing in college, which was nearly 9 years ago already. I don't get it out nearly as much as I should, but I do dust it off occasionally. And when I do, Marley howls. What's weird about this you ask (besides the Marley thing)? Well, when I was learning how to play my crooked pinkies suddenly became useful. Also, admitting that you play the clarinet subsequently lands ya as the butt of all jokes, therefore, I learned how to play the saxophone (including the baritone sax, which was as big as me), tried my hand at the piano, trumpet, but always went back to the clarinet.

4. I love to dress up. I'm not just talking about looking nice in a dress, high heels and make up (although I like to do that too) I'm talking about costumes. Costume party? I'm in and I go all out.

5. My favorite meal to eat out is breakfast. Coffee. Chocolate chips and whip cream on crepes or gooey, hot cinnamon rolls. Seriously, there isn't another meal that "allows" dessert for the main course. Did I mention the coffee?

6. My dream car is a Volkswagen bug. They are the cutest little things. I owned one for a few years. When I had a baby I realized it isn't a family friendly vehicle, so I sold it (sad face).

7. I'm a Valentine baby. My birthday is November 14. Think about it.

8. I love, love, love black licorice. Most people think that's weird.

9. I hysterically giggle at corny jokes, puns, and movies. Like The Three Amigos or What did the buffalo say to his son as he left for college? Bi-Son! (hehehehe). I could go on forever but I think I made my point.

10. I am allergic to cough medicine. As a result, I grew up taking jager shots whenever I was plagued with a cough. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

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