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Wedding Day, July 24, 2009

Our wedding day was perfect.

The week before, not so much.

Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. In fact, I began making a list. I'll share that list with you. It's funny now, but at the time it brought me to tears....
  1. On our way to steam my dress, my dog Nita (who was half black lab, half pit bull, so she's big) got sick. She puked and had the runs ALL OVER MY CAR. I had to pull over every 30 seconds so I could shove her out before she made a bigger mess than she already made. Good thing all my wedding and teaching stuff were in bags, or it would've been ruined. She probably puked a total of 10 times and pooped at least 4. Yuck! It took more than 30 minutes to clean out my car.
  2. The first steamer we had didn't work, so Kyle bought a new one while he was in Denver. Then that steamer made no effect what-so-ever on the wrinkles in my dress. So Grandma, bless her heart, went out and bought a new iron and carefully did it all herself. My dress ended up looking perfect. That was all complete the night before my wedding, and we started this task on Wednesday, so imagine our frustration.
  3. On of my bridesmaids, candlelighters, wedding singers, and an attendant broke down on their way up the mountain. They were stuck in Evergreen, which is about an hour and a half drive from Fraser, an  hour before rehearsal began. So my brother, who is a groomsman and Kelsey Romsheck, one of the ushers went to get them. The rehearsal began at 6, but they did not arrive until around 7:30 - 8ish. I'm just glad they were safe!
  4. To make that situation even worse, I had asked them to stop by the mall to pick up my garter. I received a phone call from the girls and THEY NEVER ORDERED IT! So they accomodated by giving me one from the store, but it wasn't the one I wanted, oh well, I sucked it up.
  5. When I got to the rehearsal, everyone was parked in the spot where we were having the ceremony, making it impossible to set up and practice. Which should've been done before rehearsal began, but we ran out of time!
  6. I tried printing off my "responsibility list" for my host couples, ushers, personal attendants, etc. before the rehearsal and they would NOT print. So I just left my computer out and they all referred to that.
  7. The bridesmaid's dresses were a disaster. The company who made them totally messed each dress up. First of all, they looked nothing like the pattern. They were HUGE on the girls, even after being measured to have the dress fit them. They were crooked. They hung weird. They were ugly. The night before we spent at my mom's resizing, refitting, and basically trying to redo the entire dress. We were supposed to hang out and have a relaxing evening at the Woodspur Lodge. That didn't happen. The girls sucked it up and made them look beautiful regardless, because THEY are beautiful (it had nothing to do with the dress).
  8. The hair dresser didn't work out. So with six girls needing their hair done, I only had one person to do it. My poor Aunt Tammy. It ended up working out, but I was doing hair, Tammy was doing Hair... thankfully everyone was willing to pitch in.
  9. My mom and Grandma Eileen were making cakes and due to a lot of different reasons (altitude, cake pans, ingredients, whatever) the cakes kept sinking in the middle. Thanks to their diligence it ended up being perfect.
  10. This happened the week before the week before my wedding, lol, but it's definitely worth sharing. After they slaughtered our roasting pig they froze the poor thing upside down, spread eagle. Which made him HUGE! He weighed approximately 270 lbs and when his legs were spread it made him tall and wide. The box Micah's cousin made for transport was too small, so they had to cut off teh pigs feet in order to even get it to fit in a vehicle to transport it. Thankfully Micah's cousin and her parents worked everything out. I don't know how, but the pig was at the wedding and tasted yummy.
BUT the day was perfect, and thanks to A LOT of people, everything went smoothly... no glitches. Beth James did an amazing job with pictures and by looking at them you'd never know we had all those issues. Check out her website:

I thought I'd continue telling you about our wedding day through some of my favorite pictures...

We got ready at Woodspur Lodge in Winter Park, CO and it was a perfect start to the day, being with my besties...

On my way to the Fraser Rodeo Grounds in Fraser, CO to see Kyle for the first time and take pictures. I couldn't wait, I was so excited to see him!

My sister, Mel, was pregnant with my cute little nephew Gary and he was moving around!
My poor brother, Matt. I used to make him play wedding growing up and this is how we took all our pictures. Funny.
Marley hated his tux!
We had this hayrack set up for our wedding party to ride before and after the wedding. So before the guests began arriving we took this hayrack ride to a friends house just down the road and continued snapping pictures. The hayrack ride was our favorite part of the day, it was so much fun!

"It's flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the Lord." - Song of Solomon 8:6

When dad gave me away he had this whole spiel about how he has loved me since the day I was born and always will, he ended it with, "do you want me to put your hand in this man's?" I bawled so hard I couldn't even say yes, no I earnestly nodded.

Exchanging Vows.

First Kiss as Husband and Wife.

Time to Celebrate!

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