Friday, January 11, 2013

CraaaAaaAzzy Quigley, Part 2

Quigley has been particularly crazy since my last post (CraaaAaaAzzzzzy Quigley) and I had to share his latest....
  • He loves to stand in front of heaters with his mouth open, breathing in the warm air. I had to spent a significant portion of the day teaching him that it's not ok to sleep RIGHT up against the space heater.
  • He also loves rattles. I had to put all of Brielle's toys that we play with periodically through the day in a tub, (and make sure they are always picked up when we are done) with a lid, because he'll take them and shake his head around vigorously.
  • He is a HUGE fan of anything FEET. If you walk by him he believes that it is an invitation to play and will shove his head between your knees and attack your feet. His new thing is to hide under the bed and attack your feet as you walk by. He also loves shoes, socks and slippers. He has yet to destroy anything (ok, the insole of Kyle's right slipper has seen better days) but if we're missing a sock or shoe we always know to look in his kennel where he "stores" them. He's been known to take the socks right off Brielle's feet. She doesn't seem to mind this in the slightest, but his obsession is getting out of control. So Kyle took some old beat up socks, tied knots in them, and gave them to Quigley. He's in heaven.
  • If Quigley likes something that he doesn't want to share, he'll "bury" it. I'll find rawhides under the rugs, blankets and pillows. It's absolutely HILARIOUS to watch him bury something in the house. He'll use his nose and paws to "keep it hidden" which of course, it's not.
  • Lately he will shimmy himself under the bed in the basement guest room, bark, growl and whine at whatever is under there (which is nothing, cause I've looked). He'll sprint under the bed, make a significant amount of noise, fly out from under the bed, sprint around the bed and into the family room, and he does all of this with his ears back and tail tucked (which I'm guessing is a tactic he uses to increase speed).
  • Marley, who looks like a midget dog compared to Quigley, displays his dominance daily by sitting ON him. Quigley could care less. In fact, MARLEY gets in trouble for nipping at Quigley's ears, making him cry! So much for Quigley being the bigger, more dominant male dog.
  • If I'm sweeping, I'll find Quigley with a dust bunny hanging from his mouth, which scatters the pile everywhere, causing me to start all over.
  • He is a quick littler learner as well. It didn't take him long to learn to sit and lay down. We're still working on the ability to stay - he gets SO EXCITED! He also does very, very well on a leash. Better than Marley.... We're so glad that Quigley is the opposite of Marley's stubborn behavior, because we couldn't handle it if he was. Quigley is so laid back. Marley is high strung and doesn't understand that when he gets himself all worked up over something (like the mailman) Quigley INSTANTLY wants to play, which frustrates the HECK out of Marley, who hides under tables and growls at him. Quigley, in the mean time, has his butt up in the air, whining, and wagging his tail, ready to play, which was never Marley's intention. Poor Quigley, he just doesn't get it.
Quiggles (yes, we occasionally call him that) is such a goofy, crazy dog and we love him! Kyle and I laughed at whatever crazy thing he was doing the other night and commented that we are so glad we picked the name Quigley, it just suits him! He most definitely brings a whole new level of entertainment to our home.

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