Tuesday, February 26, 2013

15-22 Weeks & Yup, MORE Firsts!

I cannot believe that my bean is already 5 months old! There is so much about this age that I absolutely love. She's becoming more animated during play time. She's giggling at things that she finds funny, like the puppies and sneezes. She's desperately trying to move, move, move! She's recognizing and thriving with her bedtime routine, which I honestly believe is her favorite time of the day because she gets to eat cereal, play in the bath, listen to daddy read a story, and rock with mommy. What's not to love? ;)

At 15-19 weeks Brielle...
  • ... began to show signs of separation anxiety. You might think I'm crazy, but the moment she even looked at someone else she'd burst into tears. If someone else held her, everyone knew she was upset about that. Big honkin' tears would stream down her face and it would take forever to convince her that everything was okay. As long as mommy or daddy held her, life was good. Going to the nursery at church without mom or dad was a bad idea. Someone else telling her how cute she was at the library during story hour didn't go so well. If someone else wanted to hold her at a basketball game, um, I had to decline. Life suddenly revolved very much around mommy and daddy, and mommy and daddy only.
  • ... rolled from her back to her tummy! She was officially on the move!
  • ... enjoys sitting in her high chair. She sits in it to play and eat.
  • ... followed intently along as books were read to her. It's pretty incredible. We noticed that she loved following along to the book "Crazy Farm" that's on my iPhone. If she's upset we put that book on for her to watch and she's instantly excited and all smiley (and I'm not exaggerating)! Still, after a bit she's ready to squirm on to the next thing.
  • ... tried cereal for the first time. She loved it and begged for more!
  • ... played at the park. She seemed to enjoy the swing and the slide!

Notice how Marley, our other baby, thought he HAD to join us... :)
At 20-22 weeks Brielle...
  • ... created new and fun sounds like, mmmmmmm and b-b-b-b (that also required bubbles and spit to produce effectively).
  • ... insists on standing, sitting, rolling. She does NOT want to be still!
  • She was facing the other direction under her activity "jungle gym" thing. She rolled and scooted herself closer to her toy basket!
  • ... laughs at mommy or daddy signing along to music. Apparently we have funny voices.
  • ... also laughs at the puppies. More so than at mommy and daddy. She watches her puppies like a hawk, they're so interesting!
  • ... found her feet in the bathtub and is now beginning to pull her socks off.
  • ... received a Valentine from daddy. It was so sweet and she loves her toy.
  • ... uses her hands to scoot... backwards!
  • ... copies daddy when he spits at her, greeeeeeeat!
All in all we have a very animated baby. When she's excited she bounces, when she's frustrated she clamps her fists and straightens her arms, when she talks, her arms are in motion and the spit is flying. I am so blessed to be her mommy! Thank you God for this wonderful, healthy, beautiful baby girl! (By the way, just LOOK at that round belly! It gets a lot of raspberries! :)

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