Wednesday, April 24, 2013

One of "THOSE" Days

Everyone has days that we refer to as "one of those days" (insert heavy sigh here). After telling someone, "I'm having one of those days," they nod their head in solemn understanding. So I'm glad, reader, that as I type, "I'm having one of those days," that I know you can relate.

Let me tell you about my day...

Brielle won't stop crying. She cried when she woke up. She cried when I took her out of her crib. She cried when I changed her diaper. She cried when I suctioned her boogers and snot (okay I totally get that one). She cried when I fed her, in between swallows. She cried when I gave her a toy. She cried when I took it back. She cried when I put her down for her nap.

And it became overwhelmingly obvious that she does not feel well.

Kyle and I have had an on again off again cold consisting of a headache, runny nose, and sore throat. Nothing major, but I'm pretty sure she has it.

Also, her first tooth popped through Monday.

Aaaaaaand Tuesday, she got shots.

So this poor baby is not having a good week. After her nap, she woke up relatively happy (until I suctioned her nose again) and when it was time to eat, she chowed down, and then projectile vomited all over! Sooooooo we took a bath. We were there for an hour and a half because she was a happy, happy baby! Whatever works. Both of us were all sorts of wrinkly afterwards, especially her cute little chubby toes. (hehe) I gave her some Tylenol and put her back to bed. She fell right asleep WITHOUT FUSSING. That's definitely something I can be thankful for.

Which has been my mindset lately (or at least trying to have that mindset lately).

My sisters and I have been doing a thankful journal since February. Around that time we were going through some pretty nasty stuff that put us in a rotten mood. Every time we talked, it was negative. So my sister Mel finally said that she was going to find 5 things a day that she was grateful for and write them down, in hopes of changing the way she perceives the events throughout her day and thus changing her mindset. I hopped on that boat and so did my sister Mandy. Now, we talk every day, holding each other accountable and talking about our thankfuls from the previous day. Not only has it changed my perspective on life in general, but it has made my relationship with my sisters so amazingly close. Most importantly, my relationship with God has grown because this journal helped me worship HIM by thanking HIM for all that HE has blessed me with, because that list is pretty darn near endless. Discussing our thankful journals is one of the highlights of my day.

Still, there are days we joke that "I had to dig really deep yesterday" to find something, anything to be thankful for because we had "one of those days", let me give you an example of one of those days back in March:
  1. Thank you LORD that despite the mood of not wanting to do anything, I sucked it up, accomplished something, and my mood changed a tad.
  2. Thank  you Lord, that after waking up at 5 am with a sore throat and headache, and after sleeping in - my headache went away at least.
  3. Thank you for this grapefruit I'm about to eat. Yum. 
  4. Thank you Lord for a hubby who's excited to do a March Madness basketball tourney bracket with me.
  5. Thank you for my dishwasher, cause I'd go mad without it.
Well, I'm having another one of those days.....

BUT when I sat down to write in my thankful journal I began looking back and saw entries like this:
  • My nephew Gary is so smart. Mel is a wonderful mommy and is such a good teacher. Today I listened to Gary "read" me a book. He recalled so many details, connected it to his own life, and showed me what a switchback was with his own play train tracks (so I understood the story). I'm blown away.
  • Thank you Lord for the opportunity to play basketball. I played one game and my core was extremely sore. One game is one game, but I FELT GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY!
  • Thank you for the yummy no bake cookies I made today, cause I've had, like, 5.
  • I'm enjoying this age so much. For the most part Brielle is a happy baby, doing something to make us giggle EVERY DAY. Her bababa's and shrieks of excitement bring so much joy to dinner time. Her little belly laughs at bath time bring us to hysterics. It's in these moments I wish time would slow down! Thank you Lord for entrusting us to raise her - help us do it in a way that she grows up knowing and loving you.
  • Lord, I have an amazingly thoughtful hubby who saved the last bit of milk for me to put in my coffee. It was the last jug before grocery shopping the next day. I crawled out of bed, made coffee, and had the perfect amount. It may seem small, but he knows me and loves me enough to do something like that. He's so thoughtful. I am blessed with an amazing husband who helps me understand the love you have for me. I'm beginning to notice "the small things" you do for me everyday. How can one girl be so blessed to be so loved? My heart is overflowing.
    • Side Note: I thanked Kyle when he came home from work for doing that for me and he just smiled and said, "I knew you'd want it for your coffee." It's proof that such a simple statement and a simple act mean so much. We need more men like Kyle.
I made sure to thumb the pages where these entries were written. I don't want to forget them. They helped me realize that I have one heck of an amazing life. So my day turned from "one of those days" into a beautiful, thank you LORD, for the life I'm blessed to live, kind of day.

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