Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Prayer Request for a 17 Year Old!

I stumbled across a website, http://www.persecution.com/ that was giving away a free book titled, "Tortured for Christ" and I instantly jumped on that opportunity. Since then we receive free magazine's in the mail that relate story after story of Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith. I HIGHLY recommend you go to this website, read the book, and sign up for the magazine. Every month I have someone new to pray for and I truly believe prayer is powerful. The more people I can get on board - the better!

This week there was one story that blew me away and I felt compelled to share it and ask that you pray for this individual. His name is Hussein and his story literally gave me goosebumps. He is from Iran, where Christianity is illegal. By sharing the gospel, by simply being a Christian, he puts his life on the line. 

He was a drug addict (by the age of 12) and once he became a believer he was released from the addiction. His father, instead of being happy about this release, told him that he would rather be the father of a drug addict than a Christian. He turned him into the police and he was arrested. His father even hoped they would kill him stating, "I hope they decide to hang you, if they do I will be the one who'll put the rope around your neck."

Can you imagine?!

His punishment was severe. They broke all his fingers on his right hand because he's a musician, gave him 40 lashes, and broke his leg. They expelled him from high school and gave him no opportunity to attend college or further his education in any way. In fact, all of his academic history was erased. He quite literally sacrificed his future on this earth for the sake of the gospel.

Despite all of this persecution...


The guard gave him his phone number telling Hussein that he was interested in hearing more about Christ. Hussein contacted I AM, whose TV message originally led him to Christ, asking for prayer and advice: Should he contact this guard? Is it a trap or is this guard truly interested in hearing more about the gospel? It's a tough call. One that I would not want to make.

Pray for him!

That is really the only way I know how to help him. I have no way to relate to this young man. I have absolutely no idea what this would be like. His strength, his perseverance, inspires me. What am I doing to further the gospel? What do I do on a daily basis that leads others to Christ? I do not face persecution, my only fear is offending someone. So why do I hesitate in spreading God's message of hope?

If Hussein, a 17 year old, can fearlessly tell the gospel to the guard torturing him, how much more should I share my faith? I hope this inspires you, just as it did me.

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