Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pregnancy Poetry

I announced our pregnancy with this poem on Facebook...
What is my secret?
I’ll give ya some clues so that you may know.
It’s been a hard secret to keep, so here I go…
I am tired, afternoon naps are always desired.
I am nauseous, usually in the evening, laying in the fetal position is usually required.
I am moody, I’m so sorry if that’s been taken out on you.
But for 12 weeks straight I’ve felt like I have the flu.
I am always eating, otherwise I’d be sick.
Most of the time my silly stomach doesn’t know what to pick.
Cheetos PUFFS, Goldfish, Granola Bars, and Apples seem to be what I most desire…
When I have heartburn it feels like my chest is on fire!
I have the most sensitive nose, and the slightest smell makes me want to flee.
I have a rounder belly, which already forced me to go on a clothes shopping spree.
I am so excited and so is Kyle.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, that’s okay, for some it may take awhile…
We’re going from four family members (dogs included) to five.
We have A LOT to do to get ready, but to have it completed by September 14 is the date for which we will strive…
I have 12 weeks down, 28 to go.
By then, I know, I’ll be BIG from head to toe.
What is my secret?

I had so much fun with it, I thought I'd do another -updated- one.
I am 26 weeks, 5 days today.
10 weeks ago I was finally getting over the first trimester blues.
Even the thought of food made me turn a greenish hue.
Thankfully that's no longer true.
I love food, seem to always be hungry, and not a lot makes me green these days.
There's really only one item to keep at bay... Coffee.
Cucumbers and pickles are my favs, Kyle says I permanently smell like dill.
I wake up in the morning and think, "Yum, a pickle," I can't seem to eat my fill.
Cereal is also what I live on.
Cheerio's, Lucky Charms, Kix, Honey Bunches of Oats, you name it I'll eat it.
Even for a snack I'll grab a bit.
There's a lot going on in there...
She's on the move, ready to go somewhere...
When Marley and I were cuddling on the couch yesterday I think he felt her move.
His head shot up and immediately changed positions, obviously disapproved.
At 21 weeks the doc said, "It's a girl, probably..."
Well, she'd better be a girl, the nursery's all pink and bubbly!
Thanks to generous donations she has 8 totes of pink clothes, up until she's 2 years old!
They were soooooo cute to hold and fold.
Kyle kept saying, "She's going to look so pretty!"
I couldn't agree more, they're all so itty-bitty!
We're doing so much to the house to get ready for her.
I have a feeling the next few months, weeks, and days will flash by in a blur.
I'm about 6 months along, which means I have three to go.
Our to do list is lengthy, but we'll get it done I know.
We anticipate so many changes to our lives.
But we can't wait for the day our little girl arrives!

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