Monday, August 19, 2013

My 11 Month Old!

In one month I'll be saying, "My 1 year old!" and that seems so weird to me. I think that every mom could agree on this one piece of parenting advice: treasure every single moment, before you know it they're all grown up! I hear that every where I go and I couldn't agree more as I reflect on the last 20 months with my little bean. It seems like yesterday I was announcing my pregnancy and now I'm starting to plan a birthday party!

She's an ornery little booger who's obsessed with the dog's water bowl, a book titled "I Couldn't Love You More" by Matt Hammit and Jason Ingram, bath time, her blanket, and pointing at everything. Wherever we go she points at something and looks at me with wondering eyes. She's also starting to point at things she wants like her sippy cup, Kix cereal, the pictures on the refrigerator, or her blanket.

Speaking of obsessed...
... be careful when you open something (closet, refrigerator, underwear drawer). She is right there to explore.
... and last month she randomly decided to LOVE a pink Minnie Mouse blanket. Whenever she see's it her excitement is obvious as she giggles and crawls to it as quickly as she possibly can. Once she has it in her arms she gives it "aw, aw, aw's" (which is what we call our lovey dovey cuddling), she's starting to say it with me, "Are you giving mommy aw, aw, aw's?" Then she'll lean in close and melt my heart with her hugs and kisses.

Her kisses are SO cute! She makes the smooching sound by smacking her tongue on the roof of her mouth and then sticks her tongue out as you lean in to "give kisses". It's kinda gross and absolutely adorable all at once.

She also randomly decided to start using a pacifier last month. For the first few months of her life she considered them a toy so I just threw them all in her toy basket. Now they're precious items when she goes down for a nap, when we're in the car, or when it's bedtime.
This is actually a pacifier cover that she randomly found and is trying her darndest to suck on it. IT. WAS. HILARIOUS.
She's starting to become more cuddly. I soak it up, because those moments were never very frequent, and now she gives "aw, aw, aw's" as we read a book, or when we're playing. She's a very busy, busy child so I'll cherish those "aw, aw, aw's".

She loves to grab my fingers and "run" to a destination. There is no "walking" and I have a feeling that the moment she figures out that she can take that first step (without holding onto me) I'm going to get my exercise. She's tried taking her first step, but it failed and I think she's a tad nervous to try it again. She does push cars, toys, and chairs around the living room and kitchen as she walks behind them. She looks like she belongs in a "mighty man" competition as she grunts and pushes with all her might. She's a strong little booger.
She's strong, but teeny tiny. She finally grew into a size 2 shoe!

She LOVES to talk on the phone.

Pureed food is suddenly not her thing. If she doesn't want it she'll scrape it off her tongue and YELL. She'd rather pick it up HERSELF and eat. She LOVES corn on the cob, avocado, beans of any sort, chicken, and banana. However, this girl would live off Kix, bread, or graham crackers if I let her.

Oh, and she also LOVES chocolate shakes. A girl after my own heart.
She smacks her lips when she wants something to eat.

Her giggle is contagious.
Quigley is her best friend. They follow each other around the house all day long.

Photo Favs:

Checking out hail for the first time.

She accidently honked the horn in Poppy's truck and she did not like it! This pic is a favorite not only for her expression, but Poppy's as well! Too funny!
My next post about Brielle will be her first birthday! I'm guessing by that time she'll be walking (ahem, running) and keeping me on my toes (not that she doesn't already do that). She reminds me of a little Tigger, bouncing around from here to there, enjoying life, making the smallest things an adventure. Life is never dull in our house between her, crazy Quigley and our Marley Man, but we wouldn't trade it for the world. In the last 20 months this little girl has turned our life upside-down. She has shown us the meaning of love. We feel blessed beyond words and a month from now I'll be reflecting on our year with her... so ta-ta for now!

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