Monday, October 26, 2015

My Top Online Shopping Spots for Cheap Children's Clothing

I'm desperately trying to get back to blogging. I have so many topics mulling around in my brain without the time to write them. When there is time to write them, my to-do list takes priority. Today, I crossed one of those things off my list and decided to take a much needed moment to write. Being a mommy and wife, with a house to clean and laundry to do, shoves my favs to the back burner (i.e. decorating, crafting, reading, writing...). I do, however, read LOTS of children's books (I can't complain, most of them are pretty amazing).

With that said, I thought I might use this time to share where I shop for my growing 3 year old's clothing for a super cheap price on this fabulous Mommy Monday. I encourage other mommy's to share their shopping spots and tricks as well.

There's one place in town called Connie's Clutter that I absolutely love. It's a store that takes after it's name; it is cluttered with used items galore. BUT the children's clothing is .50 and the shoes are $1. You simply cannot go wrong there. I do have to dig (cause there is a lot of junk), but I have found a few items worth bringing home (for myself too). I don't mind digging, haha, I joke it's like treasure hunting. There is a point for sharing this: I encourage you to check out your local junk stores, you never know the gems you'll find for super cheap. Children's clothing is one of those things that are either destroyed the first time worn or they grow out of pretty quickly, so I'm not willing to spend a fortune. Do not dismiss thrift, consignment, or cluttered junk stores. Ya just have to dig a little.

The Children's Place is #1 on my list. It has cute clothing that is perfect for little girls (nothing risqué, inappropriate, or weird graphics). PLUS they are constantly having 50% off deals or free shipping days. Not to mention their My Place Rewards, that gives points for items purchased, eventually leading to free items (can't go wrong there). In fact, they're having a 50% off - online only - sale right now using the code: TREAT50 (and free shipping). Also, if you sign up with them you get $10 towards your first order.

ThredUp is an online consignment store that also offers some good deals every now and then. I always, always, always organize my search with prices low to high. It's the best way to find a beautiful Easter dress (for example), brand new, with delicate flowers, ruffles, gorgeous embroidery, lace, etc. for a measly $5.

My last place is Amazon. Being an Amazon Prime member has its perks (the best being the 2 day free shipping). When I'm in a crunch, it's the first place I go, I can always find a good deal knowing I'll get it super quick.

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