Thursday, July 12, 2012

30 Weeks Down, 10 Weeks To Go!

My little girl is 30 weeks old today!
My big belly has been on display,
But now she's starting to show off in a whole new way.
She used to be camera shy.
When I'd point out her movements, she'd quickly say good-bye.
Nowadays, she's moving more than before.
Her movements are nothing to ignore.
I feel like I eat more than ever.
Have I ever missed a meal? Um, no, never!
I eat when I wake up, around 10, then again at noon, 3, 5 and then supper time.
You'd think I'd be at my weight prime.
I've only gained about 14 pounds.
That's mostly baby, it sounds.
I can't see my feet.
The popping out of my bellybutton is now complete.
I still love pickles.
And we're trying to save our dimes and nickles.
The taste of coffee is starting to make a comeback.
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches have always been a staple snack.
I'm starting a countdown so here we go...
64 days until September 14, which is a lot of days to grow.
Daddy continues to talk to her every day.
So I have no doubt that she'll be a Daddy's Girl in every way.
When we went to the doctor it was obvious she IS a girl.
In fact the doctor said, "I'm 99% sure you don't have a little Earl."
We can't wait to meet her and finally announce her beautiful name.
From this point on, it's now a waiting game.
How big will I get?
Let's see if I ever really, truly admit...
64 days until my due date.
Let's see if she's early, on time, or a little late.
I'm sure you'll see me again in the next few weeks.
And you'll notice an ever bigger change in my physique!

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