Monday, July 2, 2012


My (almost) 3 year old nephew Gary is full of hilarious quotes. I hang out with him for one weekend and I can't help but post what he says.

Garyism #1
During church Gary's little brother Hunter, who is 10 1/2 months, was cooing and ahhing over a toy, rather loudly. Gary was told to sit and play quietly, so I guess he found it necessary to relay that message to his baby brother.
Gary: Hunter, BE QUIET! (x3)
Those of us sitting around him, laughed hysterically (quietly, I might add).

Garyism #2 (Conversation between him and Kyle)
Gary: I'm Hungry
Kyle: I'm making dinner on the grill!
Gary: I don't want dinner, I want lunch.
Kyle: Ok, I'm making lunch on the grill.
Gary: That would make me very happy.

Garyism #3
Gary: Becky, which car do you want?
Me: I don't care, which car do you want?
Gary: You choose.
Me: Ok, I want this one.
Gary: No, you want this one (points to the other car). It's your choice!
(I guess he doesn't really understand the concept of letting someone choose... haha.)

Garyism #4
As I'm texting someone on my phone:
Gary: Becky, do you have birds?
Me: Uh, Do I have what?
Gary: Do you have birds?
Me: OH, Angry Birds?
Gary: Yes, do you have birds?

Garyism #5
We had promised Gary we'd go to the pool and because of minor lightning (we're assuming) the pool was closed, so we gathered up our ammunition for a water fight. In the middle of the "fight" Gary hit Mommy at full swing about three times!
Melissa (aka Mommy): What are you doing?
Gary: Don't you hear the fireworks?!
Needless to say, the fight stalled as we all doubled over....

Garyism #6
Gary and I took water guns outside this morning and decided we needed to shoot the bugs off the house and surrounding areas. As Gary was shooting a poor bug off the garage he thought one landed on his foot, panicked, and said, "Where is that stupid bug go?"

Garyism #7
(Still shooting bugs with our water ammo.)
"I'm shooting bugs with my dangerous waters!"

Gary has been such a blessing to our family. He has most definitely hit his terrible, very independent, two's stage and I'm sure Mommy Mel can't wait for that to pass, but he is so cute with his curls, long eyelashes, hilariously smart temperament, and when he says "pwease" you can hardly say no. I love him to pieces. I spent the weekend spoiling him and gave him back. I'm positive Mel can't wait to return the favor. :)

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