Thursday, July 12, 2012

Poor Marley Tried to Bite a Fan...

... and it didn't turn out so well.

The video is obviously dark because we're getting ready to go to bed, sorry about the quality, but hopefully you catch enough of it to know what happens and why I'm still giggling hysterically. I was turning this little Coleman's fan off and on because Marley was obsessed with checking it out. At first he hated it because if you read my original blog about him: My Little Marley Man, you'd know that he HATES wind. So he began barking at it every time I turned it on. This was funny, so I decided to try and record it. Well... I turned my camera on in the nick of time, because this time, he decided to go on the attack.

If you read my blog about My Little Marley Man you'll also know that he is a momma's boy who insists on being comforted by mommy when something bad happens to him. Well... not this time. He only wanted DADDY! LOL. I'm sorry! I'M NOT THE ONE WHO TRIED TO BITE A FAN.

Ok, those responsible readers out there, "Well you shouldn't have been teasing him with the fan!" (Ahem, my husband Kyle.) YOU'RE RIGHT! Okay! I admit it, you're right. I'm glad the fan is a AA powered wimp and it didn't hurt him beyond his pride and a little sting, otherwise I'd have felt really, really bad. But you have to admit, it's pretty darn funny.

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