Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Prego Brain in Full ... [Oh, what's the word?] ... Force!

There's definitely some truth to that "you've got prego brain" joke. Not only do stories leave me mid-story, or words fail to enter my brain even though I have a clear picture of what it is I'm trying to talk about, but I do stupid things as well. The thing is, I've always been kind of an air brain, so I'd do things to compensate for this annoying trait. The problem is, it's getting worse and not better! You know what's worse?! I've had women tell me it doesn't come back... ugh... a girl can only hope.

I thought I'd share some stories, after all if you can't laugh at yourself... uh... you finish that one...
  • Kyle and I took my brother and my step-father out to eat at Subway. My step-father has a red truck. I walked right up to the first red truck I saw in the Subway parking lot and stood there waiting for the doors to magically unlock. Unfortunately it wasn't his truck and instead of helping me, all three of the boys stood there and giggled!
  • I told a friend that I was sorry for the death of her mother-in-law and was keeping her and her family in my thoughts and prayers. Come to find out I read the name wrong and didn't need to tell her that after all!
  • I ran a few errands like dropping off the city bill, thank you cards, cashing a check at the bank and running to Dollar General for a few items. It was a quick trip so I put Marley in his kennel, locked the back door and took off without a further thought. When I returned I noticed my front door was wide open, totally deflating the purpose of locking the back door in the first place.
  • I'm not sure if anyone noticed before I fixed it, but my original title for the blog entry: Labor & Delivery: Pain Medication vs. Natural Birth was Labor & Delivery: Paid Medication vs. Natural Birth. Ha. Ha.

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