Sunday, February 1, 2015

Spilling the Beans [January 2015 Edition]

She stood at the end of our bed one morning and announced, "Daddy, I have a booger nose!" She told me the same thing at church the other day, the only difference being she had her finger up her nose as she said it and then handed me a lovely gift.

We bought her princess panties in an attempt to get her interested in using the big girl potty. She was thrilled. We had quite a few accidents, but she seemed much more interested in not getting Cinderella or Belle or Snow White wet. We tried it for a day but she was absolutely NOT interested in going potty in the potty. She didn't want to get the princess' icky, but refused to actually use the potty. She'd sit on it for a few seconds, stand up and announce, "Allllll done!" Trying to explain to her that you actually need to pee or poop in order to be "all done" was unsuccessful. When she started getting annoyed of my asking her if she needed to go potty and responding with an angry pout, we went back to the diaper. It was worth a shot, but she is clearly not ready.

She tooted and laughed, "What's that noise?"

The little booger pretended to hit her head on the table, fake cried, and begged, "Mommy? Hold you?"

Pastor Hod's sermons from Ephesians and Hebrews are now shared on YouTube, which is a wonderful tool with which to stay caught up after missing a lesson because of nursery duty or when it's our turn to teach the youth. One particular day Brielle was so excited to "see" Hod (which you can't, you hear his voice and see the notes), but Briella Bean is enamored with him. In fact, the last time we went to his house she was absolutely thrilled to see Hod but was upset because she didn't have a dress on.

Brielle told us at the dinner table one night that, "Quigley is daddy's."
So I asked, "Is Quigley mommy's dog too?"
She replied, "Quigley is not a dog."

Brielle enlightened her daddy, "I tooted on my tutu!"

For the past couple of months her pajamas must be put on backwards every night, otherwise she wakes up naked. Dressing and undressing herself is a favorite activity. In fact, she wakes up every morning with the following announcement (arms up in the air), "IT'S DRESS UP DAY!" (If only I greeted each day with such enthusiasm. I'm constantly taking lessons from my little two year old.)

She is very complimentary. She made me tear up one day when I walked out of the house with tights, skirt, boots... and hear, "Mommy, you're so pretty!"

She compliments her father as well. When he walked out of the shower with a towel around his waist she told him, "Daddy, I like your dress!"

These days a blanket is "blanklet" and Quigley is "Qluigley". That extra "L" throws things for a loop...

Thanks to one of Beans favorite books, If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff, muffins are not just muffins, she calls them "moose-a-muffins".

Bean: "Mommy! I want lunch."
Mommy: "Okay, what do you want for lunch?"
Bean: "Uhhhhh, a sucker."

Cucumbers are "cute-cumbers"

One evening after dinner we sat at the table and played with Brielle's playdoh. I made a princess and daddy made a monster. The monster ate the princess. Brielle thought that was the greatest story ever. Now she associates the playdoh with making monsters who eat princesses.

Donuts are "o's"

Darius Rucker's "Wagon Wheel" is still her favorite song. Now, instead of simply dancing to it, she sings along as well...

Library Day is one of her absolute favorite days. We could spend hours there (and sometimes we do) just pulling books off the shelves and reading. Last week the librarian told the kids that the letter of the day will be "r" so we'll be hearing all about robots. Bean will not stop talking about the robots...

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you would have seen this incident...
She got into the flour bin and dumped it all over the floor... (look at that face of innocence... ha!).
She kept telling me, "Uh Oh! My dress is dirty!" and "Mommy! Look at my hands!"
Time with her cousin Abi is some of the best time...

And when she watches princess movies she must wear her princess dress, cuddle with Marley and then dance with daddy afterwards (he's her prince).

Lately she's been obsessed with the books Silly Sally and Silly Sue. When she talks about them she always giggles about how silly they are... I love it.

There's so much about this little girl that I love! She's our little princess. Our little ballerina. I've been joking about the differences I see between her and her little sister already. Bean moved a lot, but her movements were like that of a ballerina. Her sister, however, is intense. I do not remember having sore ribs and stomach muscles with Briella Bean. Bean is my ballerina. Her sister is my karate kid. I wonder if this will hold true through the years... 

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