Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday's Top Ten [Words to Describe Me]

1. Passionate. I'm all in, or all out. Typically there's not a lot in between. (It's also the first word I used to describe me in my About Me page.)

2. Confident. I'm actually confident in very little, but what I am confident in is my salvation through Jesus Christ alone and the gifts He has given me.

3. Learner. I never want to stop learning new things. Ever. I'm constantly calling my sisters, friends,  and mom to teach me cooking tricks, the art of sewing, &etc. Learning the banjo, for example, is on my bucket list... and memorizing all the purpose verses to every book of the Bible is also on my list... I scour books for the sake of learning... and am constantly listening to sermons so I can (as you have surely guessed by now) learn.

4. Creative. Give me a glue gun, paint brushes, sharpies, crayons, scrap anything... and I'll come up with something...

5. Loyal. I am devoted to my faith in Jesus, to my husband, to my children and their needs, and to my friends and family. So I guess that pretty much includes everyone.

6. Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm just goes hand in hand with passion. If I'm passionate about something, I'm usually preeeeeetty enthusiastic about it.

7. Emotional. My tear ducts are directly intact to every emotion under the sun. If I'm frustrated, I cry. If I'm happy, I cry. If I'm angry, I cry. If I'm confused, I cry. If I cry, I'm angry at the fact that I'm crying, so I cry more. It's a curse.

8. Easygoing. For the most part.

9. Loving. Sometimes I can also be a bit harsh, so this is actually something I am constantly asking God to help me with. BUT this was a quality my sister used to describe me ('cause I was running out of ideas...). I'm honored this was one she came up with, but I would not have used it to describe myself.

10. Teacher. It's something I'm passionate about, and if I'm passionate about something I enthusiastically dive into learning more about it, the more I learn the more confident I become in it and creative ideas continuously pop into my brain, the more creative ideas I share with my kiddos to meet their individual needs, the more emotional I become about my job, the more emotional I am about my job because of my students, the more loyal I am to my job because of them and the more dedication I put into to seeing them succeed, the more I love them.

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