Saturday, December 19, 2015

Spilling the Beans [October - November 2015 Edition]

She wanted the "Bally Cereal" when we went grocery shopping. We had no idea what on earth she was talking about so we had her show us. She lead us to the Trix. Haha, ball, I get it now!

She got Jasmine and Aladdin Barbie doll's for her birthday. Their magic carpet is a blue bucket.

She was obsessed with the bride of a wedding we recently attended, admiring her dress, stating, "She's a marry!" 
When the bride and her hubby danced their first dance as a married couple she explained,  "He's her prince!" Upon hearing that one of our friends asked her, "Who's your prince?" and she replied matter-of-factly, "My daddy." (Yeah, I cried.)

After burping or farting Bean always asks, "What is that noise?" She answered her own question one day at lunch with, "My mouth is growly!"

Bean: "Tomorrow I'm going to be Anna. And wear a cape!"
Daddy: "Oh yeah?" 
Bean: "Yeah. We are going to get my Anna shoes tomorrow."
Daddy: "Where are we going to get them?"
Bean: "Daddy take me to the store."
Daddy: "You want me to spend money on Anna shoes?"
Bean: "Um, yes, cause I'm going to be Anna tomorrow."
Daddy: "Bean, you're more expensive than mommy."

Bean: "Mommy I'm a girl."
Me: "Yes you are, just like mommy and ele."
Bean: "You're not a girl."
Me: "I'm not, huh? What am I?"
Bean: "You're mommy."

She was a robot for Halloween and she was absolutely adorable in it!

She began playing Belle and Quigley was the beast.

When we shopped for a newlywed couple Bean really, really wanted to give the bride a Rapunzel tooth brush. 

After my asking her to stop screaming she explained, "BUT Mommy. I'm getting silly!"

Mommy: "you have a booger hanging from your nose. Do you want to get it or should I?"
Bean: "how about we just leave it there."
Mommy: "that's gross!"
Bean: "okay, let's just get it tomorrow."

This girl LOVES shopping (especially for shoes). When my wonderful hubby took me shopping on my birthday, Bean joined in on the fun. When she tried on boots (with sparkles, of course) she was so adorable she had an audience.

The last day of her first ballerina dance class session ended this month. Her teacher complimented her by telling me that she takes dancing very seriously. I'm not in the least bit surprised.

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