Thursday, February 25, 2016

Perfection in Our Imperfect Life

I would call our life perfect. Not because it is perfect, but because it has imperfections, just like everyone else. We all struggle. Today is one of those days in our house. Based on some Facebook posts I'm reading, I know we are not alone. Our struggles on this bad day seem mild in comparison to others. Still, the sink and counters are full of dirty dishes to fill the dishwasher,
there  are piles of unfolded laundry on the couches downstairs, 
there is a residual mess left over from overnight company, 
there are piles of toys I am going to need an army to pick up, 
there are overflowing trashcans, 
there are difficulties breastfeeding and wiping a bottom - at the same time;
all of this because my poor 10 month old is sick and needs mommy to hold her. 
All the time.
If I'm not, she's screaming. 
These imperfect days are the days you don't see on Facebook, so I hope to make it abundantly clear to all my readers that our life is full of imperfections.

We fight. We resolve. We make up.
We laugh. We cry.
We struggle. We work hard. We play.
We fail each other. We fail our children. We fail to meet God's perfect standard of holiness - every minute of every day.
We sin. We're convicted. We repent. 
We stand in a state of grateful awe for Jesus - every minute of every day!

I won't write about all of our imperfections for many, many reasons; and yet I feel that being transparent is vital for our Christian walk. Therefore I am transparent in many areas of our life as BecKyle. We are sinners who will be refined by trials, testing, and tribulation - just like everyone else. Like everyone else we deal with consequences and have good and bad days.

The good outweighs the bad because God has 
satisfied our soul with Himself, 
given us love and satisfaction in each other,
blessed us with two beautiful girls who constantly have snotty noses and huge smiles, 
and a roof over our heads filled with laughter, music, and play.
He's also blessed us with  
a comfy bed, 
a full pantry, 
hot/cold running clean water, 
clothes in abundance,
a computer that allows me to share all this with you,
and a camera to capture the memories.

When I see the  lists of "perfections" it's hard to be anything but joyful over our circumstances. We deserve none of it and yet God has given us this life. This breath! And I as long as He gives me breath I will praise Him for the perfect imperfections. I know He's using whatever He gives and takes away to draw me - us - closer to Himself. 

What an incredible thing to gain on these "bad" days!

So the next time I argue with my husband, or our 3 year old throws a temper tantrum at church, or sickness plagues everyone in this house, or an unexpected bill rears its ugly head during a particularly tight month, I will give credit to whom credit is due. For He gives and He takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord! (Job 1:21)

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