Monday, August 22, 2016

Spilling the Beans [June - July 2016 Edition]

June 2016

Bean corrected me after describing her as a fish in the water, "you're silly. I'm not a fish in the water! I'm a mermaid."

"I have a baby in my tummy. Her name is Renna and she's a bumblebee with wings."

June was not as eventful as July apparently...

July 2016 

Desperately crying: "What happened to my legs?! They're bendy!"

One of Bean's best buds is a little boy named Eli. She told us this story of their playtime together, "I was Sleeping Beauty and Eli was the prince." (Pause. It was at this point Kyle saw where the story was going and he gave me the look...) Back to the story: "I was dead so Eli kissed me." (I received another look.) Kyle explained, "You should not let boys kiss you." Brielle's logic, "but you're a boy daddy." (Another look.) It was at this point I'm desperately trying not to laugh hysterically, but it was an awesome opportunity to talk to our little girl about how precious kisses really are and that they should be saved for her husband. 

She comforted a crying Ele with the following question, "Are you sad? Do you need new shoes?"

Bean asked me a question that I didn't know the answer to, so I told her, "I don't know"

She whined, "I don't want you to say that!"
Me: "I'm sorry but sometimes I do not know the answer to your questions."
Bean: "Just think about it!"
Me: "oooooookay."
Bean: "Moooooooooom you know these things!"
Me: "I don't know everything!"
Bean: "Think about your choices."
It's like she has a teacher for a mommy....

Brielle to Siri: "I love you."

Siri: "That's sweet."
Brielle: "Do you love me?"
Siri: "That's sweet but I don't think it's meant to be."

We had to donate a pair of shoes to her cousin because she out grew them and she was devastated, especially because I told her she was getting so big!

This was her response: "My feet are not big!"
Me: "Oh. I'm sorry, your feet are small."
Bean: "My feet aren't small."
Me: "They're not small?"
Bean: "No. My feet are not small!"
Me: "What do you want them to be?"
Bean: "I want them to be tiny like Cinderella's! They're not just small, they're tiny like Cinderella's. They're growing tiny like Cinderella's."
I finally appeased her sad tears with, "You'll always have dainty feet like Cinderella's."
(Thankfully, this is one I got on video and will always treasure for it's adorableness.) 

Pictures of the months:

She dressed as one of her favorite Princess' Cinderella for her Princess dance camp dance.

Dancing with her prince.

My little mermaid.

The child loves putting ALL of her Princess dresses on, I think I counted 8 or 9 in this picture!

At the library, reading on a comfy chair, made herself so comfy she took her shoes off.

We went to a Children's Museum with my BFF from college and her three kiddos. It was a fun way to spend a free Friday!

The 4th of July with her BFF - her cousin Abi.

A collection of adorable Princess'.

Princess pile-up!

Big sister lovin'


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